a question about retearne of the king

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1. black_mana,

hello guys, can i ask sum thing, ,how the team system wurk an thanks

2. Jeff-Rutkowski,

For games that support teams, the game will allow you to press alt+up and alt+down arrows to move people into prefered teams.
Team play also allows the members of your team to help you and you are able to help them as in 1000 miles. Feel free to experiment as you can add bots to your team.

3. abdallahhayder,

hy guys. how can giv me retearne of the king

4. Fawaz,

it is shift+up and down..

5. Riad,

Guys, he's not talking about Playroom, but about Return Of the King, a Chinese online MMORPG.

6. Lemonade,

What? i thought he was talking about how to select blocks of text.

7. sound2,

I thought it had something to do with the lord of the rings.

8. george,

Hi, how I can download this game, my voice can not read the chinese characters from the web page, let me know.

9. potions-and-snitches,

I'm not pretty shure, but I think it's an online game

10. george,

Hi, yeah, i know, I wanted to please anyone to help me with the download, the page is in chinese and I dont know how i must download it.

11. Mohammedradwan2003,

if this game with english i want to download it , and thanks

12. george,

Yeah, i am asking for 2-3 weeks, how, I, download, it. If someone knows, let me know, please!

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