link for zone group on wat's app

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1. BellaBlack666,

Hello, for those of yall interested that used the zone bbs, there is a wat's app group for ll zone memebers. Here is the link: https://­­LPdnaDeeuHL2y8hceqqyR­y

2. sound2,

I also read, there is a link on facebook. Although I haven't looked into that.

3. BellaBlack666,

I knew about that group. I'm just trying to promote the WhatsApp group because a Facebook group has over 200 users LOL. But the WhatsApp group can be pretty fun so anyone is welcome to come on in and join the exciting activity LOL.

4. mhr91358,

what is the zone group

5. BellaBlack666,

The Zone BBS was a website for blind people to come together to play games and talk Etc. But the site was shut down sometime last month so people try to keep it going by creating a Facebook group and a group on WhatsApp for all those members.

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