Please give me some downloads links of some games

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1. george,

Hello, Can anyone give to me dthe download links of City Mass and Ultrapower?

2. CathyAnne,

No, I can't I have no earthly idea what those games are.

3. Sajad-Aliraqi,

so why the heck did you put a comment. are you fine?

4. Vojvoda ,

Hello, I just wanted to write that I have no idea what you all are talking about.

5. sound2,

There's nothing wrong with saying, you don't know what such and such a game is. That would give the original poster an opportunity to explain. Have you tried

6. bloodsharp ,

guys, he is asking for stolen games, citty mass and ultra power are stolen

7. Nikola,

Where's the police?

8. fire-starter,

in the police station

9. YNWA,

are you sure firestarter? In the UK they are selling them off as they say people don't visit them just call! but what about policeman1!

10. Ferrumite,

9 1 1, what's your imergency?

11. abdallahhayder,


12. StormProductions,

Oh not again this topic. I'd completely delete it if I were a helper. :(

13. The-Queen,

I actually love city mas, as well as the killer. Who cares if they are clones of something or not. Most important is that I have what to play. Cause Gaming is life. :D

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