looking for a mud?

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31. Lemonade,

Yes, I think I should write in every second post that kittens are cute from now on.

32. Nikola,

I am disappointed, no kittens room on the forum.

33. YNWA,

I am not surprised by Nikola to be honest as he acts as if he owns the playroom. "an important question for Aminiel?" I think Aminiel will decide if it is 'important' or not. Aminiel has said he will release the new version of the playroom as he has already said when he has sorted out the bugs or at least as many as he can before the general public use it. Do you think everything just appears?

Many of the people don't know how much hard work it has taken to get the playroom to what it is now. I feel it is the same for The Quiz Party and The translation teams. I have seen Marina7 give up her valuable time when I was trying to help someone try to get into the playroom and I bet it was not the first or last time she helped someone.

If some of you want to be sarcastic with your comments after this message then so be it as I doubt if I will see some of those show a little mor humility!

34. Dayan,

You are mixing up one topic with another and he is asking things only. You are answering them as if you'd be Aminiel's assistant and as if you'd have the control of every post on here or everything simply, I think that the one who feels like owns the playroom is another person, I don't have to say names, right? Your comments already make me laugh, before they were annoying. Eventually I will feel pity for you. And guess what, you again said quiz party. ;)

35. Nikola,

Lol I act as if I own the Playroom by making a topic called an important question, that is new for me. So people do not create topics called major bug because you first need Aminiel to decide whether a bug is major or no or whether a question is important to you or no. Also, I do not understand the hard work being put into the Playroom? Sure thing. I do think I am the one trying to help people reporting bugs and having issues instead of bragging about my quiz party help. Oh wait, did I see those 2 words in your post again? How surprising. Also, did you write you saw a helper wasting their valuable time helping somebody? Quite strange that a helper is helping somebody right? If they did not like doing that, at first they would not apply for it because they aren't forced to and second they would complain, not wait for you to do it.

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36. YNWA,

So the MUD add is a bug? People know how to send issues about bugs. People can send in game reports and report the Bug.

You have for months attacked me on the forum many times before Nikola, I can take constructive criticism which is fair comment but not personal attacks which you did many times.

When I talk about errors and use Quiz Party as an example to why you cannot rely on people with the greatest of respect to report errors accurately, it is fair comment that I use Quiz Party as an example. People can relate to it and I have direct experience of it. If a non-native is correcting those errors then they need to be aware that they can be reported wrongly. As I said I don't mind that they are reported wrongly in Quiz Party as you can easily put that question back again.

I know people don't like to hear the truth but I cannot lie to people. I have been told Nikola that someone did not want to support me in a debate because they felt they would get abused by you.

Diana you Talk about The Spanish section and the Spanish part is nothing to do with the English section. There is an email section on the QCG website. The Spanish part does have its own staff and you can check the staff list to find out who is in the translation team for the Spanish part.

37. Dayan,

Am I right now talking about the spanish section? Only because I have brought it to here means that I talk always about it? Actually not sure even if I brought it to this topic or not even, or if you are bringing some topics to other topics. If I asked about spanish section was because I was not sure if Aminiel has to do something so it gets translated or translators have direct access to it and can modify anytime. Anyway, I will try not to mix topics as you are doing right now, even though I mixed them just now, but well. Tell me what has to do the spanish section with my last comment or with something on here. It seems you are getting lost on this forum or getting lost in where to comment what because it seems like it is tormenting you. I don't have to give you explanations anymore. I wish Aminiel would come here more often so I'd freely ask what I have to without having to go through each of your comments. And btw don't get surprised if I once come here with an issue from the spanish section. I mean, there are helpers who read them, but no admins who can understand spanish and I haven't a clue if the helpers ever let them know of the issues that those people are facing. God why do I waste my time with you Ynwa, why? Can you explain it to me? Seems you have an answer for everything even if has nothing to do with the main topic or previous reply on the topic. Meow.

38. Nikola,

I mentioned bugs because you mentioned my topic called important question for Aminiel, not because it is related to a MUD. Anyways, I just have to agree with Dayan because you have no idea what you talk about. You cannot relate quiz party to everything no matter how much experience you have or how hard you try. Have fun with validating and with this attitude nobody will bother to send questions and then I want to see which errors will you correct.

39. YNWA,

Many errors have already been corrected and we will have more than enough quality questions so don't worry about that.

It is true that The Quiz Party team has been undervalued and not appreciated for the hard work that has been done in the English section. If we had more flexability and support then we could have made Quiz Party more suited to the people in the English section than it already is. Fortunately many people still enjoy playing Quiz Party which is the most important thing.

40. Dayan,

We appreciate the hard work done in quiz party in fact, but we won't appreciate more than we do only because you tell us to. If you want us to thank you and congrat you and such, I'll not do so. You after all wanted to know it and you knew the job that this could take. And quiz party was not even the topic to discuss here. But yes you keep bringing it to every single post. But now you brought it as topic. So talking about that, why not to validate questions of other parts of the world? After all, those are questions and the fact that you don't know the answers, some of us might know them. I don't talk of them all because I have seen few but still I am sure you have refused lots of good questions.

41. Nikola,

I would like to know where I said that the work you do is easy and that anybody could do that. I appreciate the work just like anybody playing the game, but I do not appreciate these useless rants you keep posting. As it has been posted already you applied for that yourself, nobody forced you to do it so that you complain all the time about it. Moreover, you are not alone in the team and if you choose to do most work by yourself, that is again your choice.

42. YNWA,

Can you give an example of something that has been rejected wrongly?

What do you think Geography is? Do you think that subject is about the UK?
Cooking is about food all around the world.
Do you think we have only questions on Christianity?Do you think Arts and creation is only about British artists?
Do you think Science and Technology is just about British/american inventions?
Yes there are some subjects that are more about British/Americans such as the TV/film and Pop music categories but when it comes to classical/opera then we cover other countries. We can hardly ask questions about the charts IN Poland or Romania as we had explained in the past. We tried to change things and asked for everybody's input but nothing new was offered and that is the big problem.

It appears you are prejudice without really knowing what we have in the quiz, I don't know when you last played the Quiz but I suggest you look again and you will have seen some improvements. Remember Quiz party is not the finnished article.

43. Dayan,

And why hardly? As I said, the fact of you not knowing about it does not mean that all of us won't know either, and plus quiz party is about it, no? About not knowing, or knowing the answer. So what's the problem if there would be things of other countries. Yeah there are more british ana american stuff in some categories as you said, but I doubt only were sent questions about those two countries, plus those two are not the only ones with english as main language, plus here are almost no people from UK and from usa, yes, there are some but in such case here are more turks, arabs etc so why would it need to be about british and american things. I can't give you any example because i don't know what are you validating or not, what i remember clearly is you commenting or writing a post about not accepting questions from all parts of the world because who will know the replies to such questions.

44. Vojvoda ,

Can I remind that this is looking for a mud topic?

45. Dayan,

Thanks @Vojvoda and for the original post not to get lost! :) Join a world of mystery, science and technology as you battle fearsome foes and explore endless realms in an ever-improving game.
Cosmic Rage is more than a mud, with a community of careers dedicated to making your experience the most enjoyable it can be.
Be a daring detective, expansive explorer, a masterful military officer or an awe-inspiring adventurer and let your story be told. We boast over 50 activities, over 15 cracking crafting opportunities, hugely unique races, a unique combat system and a game to suit you, cosmic Rage literally molds to meet your needs.
Immerse yourself in a story that gives explicit detail on items as small as atoms, with possibilities so far in depth it's like stepping into a new world. In fact, it is stepping into a new world.
Cosmic Rage's daily host activity means that bugs are looked at on a daily basis, with the best minds selected from people like you dedicated to eliminating them within as quick a time as possible.
Are you a story teller, looking for a mud with a role-play environment flexible to suit your needs?
Are you a military strategist who needs an outlet?
Have you ever had that feeling inside that you should be someone of royalty, with great power and influence?
If you answered yes to any of the above, cosmic Rage is the mud for you. Nine out of ten players we asked said Cosmic Rage had a positive influence on their lives in general, the community they logged in to leaving them feeling like there were people out there who cared.
Have you had a bad experience on another mud? Don't worry, cosmic Rage is here for you. We've cradled people from not even knowing what role-play is, into being some of the best in the market. We've helped heal wounds dealt by uncaring uncommunicative people and treated them like they should be. Like real people, like we care.
Cosmic Rage is the mud that cares what you think, because without you, we are nothing.
So, join us. Join the family, join Cosmic Rage!
We're waiting for you.

46. MagicalKrrish,

this post is becoming just Oh... My... god...

47. fire-starter,

i agree this topic is getting weird, it all started when ynwa started bragging... let's keep it calm, shall we?

48. MuhammadHajjar,

Alright, but I totally agree that kittens are cute. Cats generally are cute. Why most bots here are ducks? Only one cat damn it I'm angry I'll leave the playroom. Damn ducks.

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