Streaming the Eurovision song contest again!

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1. Lemonade,

I know its a bit of a short notice this time, but there is once again going to be a few hours in which a bunch of random people, myself included, will stream the Eurovision song contest and make all kinds of potentially interesting comments.
There'll be a table where you can listen to the stream. It will start today, may 12th, at 8 pm in Portugal, which is 9 pm for most other European countries. If you want to see at what time this is for your own country, click this handy little link:
Hope to see you there!

2. RadioPierpaolo,

Hi can I comment in live show? I would like to join you for the live show and the streaming. How can I participate on the streaming?

3. Lemonade,

Well, another Eurovision song contest is over and I hope you guys had just as much of a blast as we did. If you did not manage to listen to the stream (and even if you did(, its definitely worth checking out the archive. You can find it here.

4. Nikola,

It sure was a great stream and I have enjoyed it. If you guys were not doing these I most likely would not even watch ESC.

5. Dayan,

I watched it out with some friends, so not on here. Well, I would not call it enjoyable but... They did not deserve the win. LOL. Was the first one I ever heard so was kind of... Interesting.

6. Lemonade,

Yeah I wasn't a fan of the winning song either. Like I said on the stream I think Denmark was the best, and Moldova was good too.

7. Dayan,

Moldova was certainly nice. I liked that one. Italia a bit, somehow Hungary too. :D but not the first two places...

8. StormProductions,

I'm glad you guys liked Moldova, cause I'm from Moldova. :)

9. Vojvoda ,

I am glad you make this topic alive again, even a month after.

10. helleon,

Whatever. We Irish still hold the record for winning it the most amount of times. LOL there were some good ones this year in fairness, congrats to the winning country but next year we're back with a bang.

11. YNWA,

It is true that Ireland has won it quite a few times, it almost killed RTE. In England we think of it as a joke now. The saddest part is we (TV licence fee payers) subsidise the project. Many people in the UK would prefer their money spent on better TV programmes. This year 8 million watched it but I guess at one time they would get double that.

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