what is beat star

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1. Mohammedradwan2003,

in the vote , i found 2 said beat star , what is the beat star and thx

2. prince-makusu ,

It's a rythm game, similar as bop it. See it in oriol gaming zone ;)

3. bobblyboo62,

well beat star does not work anymore so you can not play any more

4. Nikola,

It surely works. Where are you having trouble with beatStar?

5. prince-makusu ,

Hi bob, you have issue with the nginx or something i guess

6. StormProductions,

The new beatstar has something to do with another programming language. It's no longer coded in BGT so you have to get that nginks or whatever it's called to work properly first. It's no longer using voiced menu, and a lot of new features have been added. You can check it out at oriol gaming zone.

7. prince-makusu ,

how do you get that nginx thing?

8. StormProductions,

For me it worked from the first time without installing anything or doing anything special. Can you send me the error that it gives when you launch the game? I might be able to help after.

9. Mohammedradwan2003,

i want to try this game , some people said that it's there favourite game , i am enteristed to try it

10. prince-makusu ,

i think it bugged when redirecting to https

11. Wiam ,

You don't need Nginx nginx is just another webServer like apache2
And the developer said that he was migrating the server or something.
But now the game works, you can grab it from his website: oriolgomez.com

12. Mohammedradwan2003,

thx wiam wiam , is the read me with english so i can understand it

13. prince-makusu ,

The notice comes with in the game

14. Wiam ,

It should be, and when you launch the game for the first time it will give you instructions on how to play.

15. The-Queen,

Beat star is soo cool. I just love this game.

16. Mohammedradwan2003,

it's not online unfortunately

17. MuhammadHajjar,

Why unfortunately? It's designed to be played offline so.

18. CathyAnne,

What is with the thx?

19. Wiam ,

THX stands for thanks.

20. Mohammedradwan2003,

hi all i downloaded beat star but i don't know how to play it opens a document and the logo and i can't use this application

21. Vojvoda ,

I think firstly you need to learn some basics about computers and then play games.

22. fire-starter,

rofl agreed

23. Lemonade,

It's a legitimate question because it was recently changed to work with your browser instead.

24. Nikola,

Switch to focus mode by pressing insert plus space and then it will work. It is a web app. Upon loading, NVDA says application so yeah.

25. Mohammedradwan2003,

hi , i think that there was some miss understanding with some players , i don't know how to play games like beat star i saw a game before but i couldn't use , and thx for the answer

26. prince-makusu ,

oh, i miss the deal or no deal on beat star

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