Question about street accessibility in your countries

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1. Vojvoda ,

Hello dear blind and visually impaired people,
I am coming with a question for everyone of you.
Can you tell me few things for which you would say they are quite accessible and compliments for your country/city for making that so practical. And also things which you would like to be more accessible, and your way to solwe that problem with accessibility.
Note that this question is only about your orientation on the streets, or public buildings. For example you would like to have more accessible lines which you could follow, or some accessibility tricks which are characteristical only for your country. you might also have some special idea. Here you go, share them with us.

Best regards

2. balasana ,

US is largely set up for driving. Only in a small number of large cities where public transportation is good enough for VIs to travel independently.
In my city every street corner has ramps to help wheelchairs to ride into the street from the sidewalk. They help Vis find the right spot to cross the street, and line up with the crosswalk before crossing.
Audible lights would be nice to have, but to my knowledge they are not widely found in U.S. They are sometimes seen around large universities, major intersections in large cities, or near places Vis frequently visit, say the Lighthouse.
By “accessible lines “ if you meant the tactile path on the side walk you can feel with your feet, I personally hate them. because I can’t use my cane on them. I think they are more useful in the subway stations to lead Vis to a particular spot, such as ticket machines. I have seen those in Metro stations in Washington D.C, the capital of the country. Once again, those are not common in the US.
The best we have here in US is free mobility training on proper cane use. It usually covers street travel and the use of public transportation. A legally blind person can usually get it in most cities.
Hope this helps. Cheers.

3. helleon,

Our streets compared to most countries are not extremely crowded, so they're pretty OK. We have audible traffic lights in urban areas, and not half enough traffic in rural areas for such things to have a purpose! I personally live in an area where there is nowhere to walk to, way out in the countryside. We now have a local bus into the nearest town (finally), which should help matters a lot.

4. Sajad-Aliraqi,

We are extremly undeveloped country. There is no rules for where a car has to go or where the driver wants to. You can walk but you never know when a car is going to get in your way and so I got acustomed to that. Adding to this, we don't use white cane, not never but a kind of similar. I can go wherever I want (something like that) but difficulty is difficulty. I would say if our roads were a little bit larger it would be better, so we can just take a straight sidewalk and work done. But they are narrow so that hurts it more than it should cure.

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