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61. Vojvoda ,

See, if we had a trading option to trade cards with other players in the game, it would be fun and furious. The rounds would be faster too.

62. Dayan,

Moreover if you play fast that also makes it faster i think the players should play fast always

63. helleon,

I like jam.
Question: If Jim has 5 apples and Joe has 2, how many pancakes did Jim make on Wednesday?
Answer: Purple because aliens don't wear hats.

64. Vojvoda ,

Mujo was walking next to the mad house and he heard someone saying 15, 15, 15, 15, 15. He put his head through the window to see what's going on and someone stucked finger in his eyes and said, 16, 16, 16, 16, 16

65. Dayan,

15, 16! you you made my whole month thanks for asking joe and i also like aliens

66. Vojvoda ,

A guy from Belgrade saw his son entering the house with red eyes and asked, why you have red eyes? I took drugs daddy. You are lying you cried!

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67. Dayan,

Lol, happening here and not only in jokes.

68. YNWA,

is this now become an x-rated service?

69. Amine,

is there a going off topic in an off topic topic in an off topic topic room? Asking cause I wanna understand how one can go off topic in a topic that is off topic in a topic room meant for off topic topics.

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