Accessible DJing software

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1. helleon,

Hi all,
I wouldn't usually be one to go off the topic of the Playroom on the Playroom's forum, but I just thought this may be something that someone on this platform might have the answer to. Are there any accessible DJing softwares out there for us?

2. StormProductions,

If you meant radio broadcasting, you could try StationPlaylist at:

3. Vojvoda ,

DJ makes his own music, note that. I am nnoot sure if helleon wants to broadcast.

4. helleon,

Thanks for your responses! Vojvoda, the DJ does not necessarily make the music, they often remix but if I started to go onto all the complexities we'd be here till Christmas. Storm Productions, I'm not looking for radio broadcasting software, I'm looking for software that will allow me to mix dance music and such, more like club DJing than radio DJing.

5. Ferrumite,

I am not really sure what do you mean by DJing. Basicly you can use the mix function in almost any audio editor to mix multiple tracks, though that can really get complex over time. If you're talking about making music, then there are a a few options, I have personally only tried garageband for MAC but there is reaper and a few others for windows, but I didn't really get into any of those.

6. helleon,

Which is why I'm not intending to use an audio editor. Believe it or not, there are dedicated pieces of software out there for multi-track mixing.

7. Vojvoda ,

Reaper might be a good option but is not really meant for DJing, I asked the same question long time ago on another place and as answers I got only audio editors. If you have I-phone try launchpad you have some options there.

8. helleon,

I am interested in getting into production also, but I didn't think Reaper was still accessible?

9. RadioPierpaolo,

You can prove Goldwave. Best wishes, Pierpaolo Tieri.

10. helleon,

Goldwave, like Audacity, is an audio editor.

11. StormProductions,

Oh Pierpaolo, what has Goldwave to do with DJ-ing?

12. RadioPierpaolo,

I know Dash that mix with goldwave

13. helleon,

Pardon? Sorry, I don't understand.

14. StormProductions,

Well, Pierpaolo's English is messing around a bi.

15. RadioPierpaolo,

You shut up Storm of shit your English is very bad!

16. Dayan,

I think he was talking of a person who usually has the word dash as username, and that he knows that this person mixes with goldwave. And storm of shit? Just... Lol.

17. fire-starter,


18. helleon,

Thanks for the clarification Dayan. :)

19. Vojvoda ,

Imagine yourself at the windy bloody night, going to a bloody fight in your hand sword you lift it and storm of shit starts

20. StormProductions,

Wow. You guys are being strange. I'm afraid Pierpaolo is of shit, not me, but that's not related to DJ-ing software anyway so not gonna be bad and go out of topic.

21. Minionslayer,

If you want, you can use a piece of software called DJAY. It is availible on Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android and maby Windows

22. helleon,

Thanks for that. Will try that.

23. RadioPierpaolo,

Hi Minionslayer how can I download this software? Thanks in advance, Pierpaolo.

24. Anorak,

If you're a windows user, there are no choices. But I've heard people using dj softwares on mack and Iphone. Try searching the applevis forums

25. helleon,

djay2 is working well for me so far anyways. Thanks a mil!

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