Domikenshi - New song from TSP and in two versions

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1. Giovani,

I would like to share with You my new song named Domikenshi. Text is improvised. This song is currently in two versions on Youtube (Original and summer).
So, let's try original first.
Now, summer version.
Enjoy It.

2. RadioPierpaolo,

Hi Giovani are you a songwriter and composer?

3. Vojvoda ,

If I can give small tipp, watch out for your rewerb, it is not very good to put such rewerbs in songs. And your melody seems to be almost out of the rhythm.

4. Giovani,

Thanks for Your answer.
In which part do You think of this song? Because this myne part seens to be good. If You think on this female operatic, I wanted to be clear, not as previous.
And, I am not song writer or composer, as You think. I am ethno music composer. This music is just recorded, not write down.

5. RadioPierpaolo,

I would like a composition of a song and I will sing my song because I would like to send to the Swedish, Moldovan and Romanian national selection my song. Can you compose a etno jazz music?

6. Dayan,

This is getting interesting :)

7. Vojvoda ,

What exactly?

8. Dayan,

You'll know soon.

9. MuhammadHajjar,

Didn't understand, though, but sounds a great performance. Good job.

10. play_romania1,

In what language is that song?

11. MuhammadHajjar,

Slovak probably?

12. play_romania1,

yeah, possible

13. Giovani,

No, this is not Slovak. This is improvised, or just imitation of Korean and Japanese.

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