Hi informations about VPS server for TeamTalk.

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1. RadioPierpaolo,

Hi everyone, I would like to tell you if you know a site to buy a good vps for TeamTalk server because it's for my webradio and I want to create my personal server where I can create the webradio channel and other channels like music channel, my singing career channel, contests channel, learning languages channel and so on. Thanks in advance, Pierpaolo Tieri.

2. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I am sure with www.mxinfinity.com you find what you need.
I didn't want to publish it here on the forums for advertising issues. We sell OpenVZ servers, VPS servers, dedicated servers, and ready scripts for each plan.
If you don't have a hosting provider, you can purchase a host from http://mxinfinity.com/host/
If you want to purchase/buy a ready design, go to http://mxinfinity.com/design/
We offer automatic teamtalk installation plus other scripts, and we offer icecast installation and hosting. We handle the installation process and we sponser the design for every person that wants to buy, as well as keeping an eye on maintenance and problems resolving.
If that helps you, please spread it with the ones that benefit from it.

3. RadioPierpaolo,

Hi Sajad what's your e-mail address because I would like to ask you a lot of informations about the prices of the services and the differences between the type of servers. Thanks in advance, Pierpaolo Tieri.

4. Sajad-Aliraqi,

all the prices are explained and the ideas too, we tried to make things as smooth as possible.
You can contact me on skype asasr222
or support@mxinfinity.com

5. bloodsharp ,

is there a 30 day trial for vps?

6. Sajad-Aliraqi,

There is no 30 days trial but there is a 30 days refund

7. bloodsharp ,

i think you should add a trial

8. StormProductions,


9. bloodsharp ,

like, what if you don't want to give out your credit card details until you tried it, it would save you entering your credit card and getting the money back after the 30 days if you didn't like it

10. Sajad-Aliraqi,

You can request a refund whenever you want, only for the first 30 days. We respect your privacy and we have details provided on the privacy page. We can't give out 30 days trials because that would be a los, however we offer discounts constantly.

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