What's your favorite World Cup song?

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1. balasana ,

I haven't found a love from the roster of WC2018 songs. My favorite remains to be Waka Waka by Shakira from 2010.
Would you share yours? (If its not "It's coming home" lol But that song is really entertaining! GL for England.)

2. Vojvoda ,

Hahahaha, my favorite is from 2014 we are one

3. YNWA,

Technically the best song is World in motion from 1990 if you are talking about world cup songs by New order. John Barnes one of my favourite players does a very good rap there. However, the best England one is 3 lions 96 which of course was originally a song for Euro96 but was released as a world cup song 10 years later and apparently hit the charts again this year as everybody hear is singing it and driving people mad. The original was sang by The Lightning seeds with Skinner & Baddiel two commedians who like football. Another one to listen to was the England 1970 squad singing Back Home. Many say that was England's best team, interesting to note that We are Leeds and the Chelsea song Blue is the Colour have all the same tempo as the England 1970 song, lol, perhaps it is because they in terms of age were not far off each other.

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