What bot do you like from here?

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31. MuhammadHajjar,

Oh wait, how could a dragon say meow?

32. deathdragon,

easy. humans don't know evrything about us. mwahahahahahaha. the bot i like the most are the duuuuuuuuuuucks. wait shouldn't it be bots. meh.

33. evalinde,

stupid computer

34. musiclover,

i hate the ducks

35. MuhammadHajjar,

Oh wow you're awesome musiclover. If there's a thumbs up button for that I'd hit it. :D.

36. Pran,

I hate all the bots

37. deathdragon,


38. Angelina-princess,

I feel something bias to the ducks here, whereas other animals just space cat. Well, I think if some dog bots can be added too, for instance, Skubidoo or any dog's name. :D I mention dog since it is my favorite pet by the way.

39. Vojvoda ,

And what about pigs, I mean little pigs are awesome, I think we should have a bot named Dalibor for that reason

40. YNWA,

Pigs get ill easily and may require oinkment and with brexit and all that it may not be so easy to get.

41. AlirezaNosrati,

my favorite one is sarah connor she disguised herself as a bot and traveled to future to help her son john connor by infiltrating the cybernet and destroying all the bots

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