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1. laila.ali,

i have question .skype send me that my version will stop soon .when i went to website of skype i did not find there classic version ! will they stop classic version soon or what ?

2. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Yes. Microsoft will stop the classic version

3. laila.ali,

oh that is very bad .the new version of skype is diffcult for blind .why we not write to skype and microsoft that we want classic skype remain work ?if many blind write that to them ,may be they make classic skype still work

4. MuhammadHajjar,

I agree, if we do a big campaign to dissuade Microsoft from their unjust decision against the blind they may listen to us and do something about it, so why don't we? How unfortunate, first Twitter, and then Skype?

5. Mazdak ,

Please tell me how can I request this and participate on this campaine, and tell ms my suggestions. I don't know how that feedback hub works.

6. Nikola,

So can somebody actually instead of telling Microsoft oh my god blind people need classic Skype write here and say which problems does skype 8 have? Or is it just hey it's a new thing and new things suck issue? I've switched to Skype 8 yesterday, and sure things are different, but not inaccessible or unusable. The only thing which I really hate is the Windows 10 version, but there is no need to use that. It is not required, Skype 8 installation is totally possible on a Windows 10 PC. So if you need help, give a constructive question and I can answer it. If there are bugs, constructively report them to Microsoft and they can be fixed.

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7. MuhammadHajjar,

If they'd take a look at our accessibility complains so they can improve it, so be it. Other than that, if things would take longer than they should, then better to stay at the classic version.

8. Mazdak ,

I want them to add ability to prevent skype to download files automaticly from different people and groups such as the clasic one, also an ability to filter our contacts by who is online, who still haven't accepted our request etc on the win10 app and skype preview both, I will tell you if I missed something again

9. Nikola,

You can effectively filter contacts on skype 8. Press alt 2 to focus the contacts list, then tab until your screen reader says all, 1 of 3 selected. There, press right arrow until you hear active now and press enter on that. After that in the list will be only active contacts. As for files, not sure on that since I don't receive files through skype myself, but I think they do not automatically download by default.

10. laila.ali,

not all of us use windws 10 .i.and u can write them by going to your skype classic then press alt then choose feedback then write to them messeges .you will find feedback or something like that upper when press alt and serch on there up and down in all things there .i have arabic version so not know how explain

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