Hi. What's your favorite country, language or name?

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31. sound2,

I think wherever you go, there are problems. The world isn't that safe anymore. Although there are a few places a person can stil visit.

As for audio dramas, radio4 extra has a few ones that I do like. Not into stuff about the second world war. Sorry for going off-topic.

32. play_romania1,

yes, possible

33. The-Queen,

Well, my favorite countries are that Arab ones, as well as Pakistan.
My favorite languages are Arabic and Urdu. I have had enough of Bulgarian and English.
and my favorite name is my own, and a few others too which I am too lazy to mention. :D

34. Ishamael ,

My favorite country is england, obviously I like english :D

35. evalinde,

My favorite countries are Italy and Greece but I would also love to visit some East-European countries cause the people are nice. I saw someone here called Giovanni and I thought wow that's a nice name. I like unique names too. So are there any people here who don't like their own name?

36. helleon,

Yes, there is. Me. I dislike my name purely because it's so stereotypically. You ask anyone on the planet who's ever heard of Ireland to pick a random Irish first name...Patrick!

37. evalinde,

Well I think it's a nice name but I see your point I don't like my official name either

38. YNWA,

It is better than AbCde pronounced ab c dee which is slowly becoming a Girl's popular name.

39. Adventure-Time,

Abcde? Wow. Splendid. I guess our country is more strict about names compared to other countries, but unusual names certainly occur and especially the last names can be odd. I've heard of a person living in one of the Moravian regions whose surname was Blabla.

40. YNWA,

I believe it was American.

41. FloydLawton,

all the countries are stupid, specially germany.
all the names, except my name, are stupid, my name is alex, of course alexis is a good name too.
all the languages except english are stupid.

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42. Vojvoda ,

I laughed a lot

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43. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Should opinions like that be respected?

44. Dayan,

Respected yes, but also ignored, I believe. Respect before everything else.

45. shewolf ,

Hi, my favourite country, well i like a lot of countries, Poland, my Slovakia and also Russia, cause of variety of nature which it has. Favourite language? I can't deny i like arabic, but only for hearing, for learning it is too much difficult, apart of it, i like czech and ours slovak, english also, it's sweet language, polish and russian also. And for names, male name: i like lubomir, or matthias or alex also and female, well lubka which is feminine form of lubomir, emma and nina.

46. The-Queen,

My favorite countries, all the Arab countries, the UK, and my own because of its amazingly beautiful nature. Favorite language, Arabic because of its beauty. It's beautiful as in writing, and as in listening to, and learning it is not so, so difficult, at least for me. I like some Slavic languages like Bulgarian and Serbian. Another favorite country of mine is Turkey because of the nice people there. Overall, I love diversity so it doesn't matter what's my favorite or not, the world is full of nice things.

47. Ramon-Salazar,


My Favourite Country is The United States, because it's The only Country which always accepts freedom of speech, and Freedom of riligion. also There are less laws, not like The Middle eastern countries and most of The European countries and also because it has very delicious food, including taco, American fried rice, Calas
, Charleston red rice, Chicken bog, Glorified rice, Gumbo, Hawaiian haystack, Hokkien fried rice, Hoppin' John, Jambalaya,Rice and gravy, Shrimp Creole, Yeung Chow fried rice, Half-smoke, Salami, , Tex-Mex, Apple pie, Butterscotch, Chocolate brownie, Corn cookie, Cookie salad, Apple crisp, Angel food cake, Apple dumpling and many more I can't remember, and that's why I prefer The United States over all countries

My Favourite Language is English, because it's very easy to learn, not like almost all languages and also because it's The only international language which is spoken by about 1000000000 People

And about My Favourite names: My favourite male name is Ramon, My favourite female name is Rose and My favourite unisex name is Mason

48. YNWA,

Chicken Bog? Bog is a slang term for toilet in England, lol. Apparently in norwegion bog is ham.

49. Dayan,

And in some other languages it means God. Coincidence?

50. YNWA,


51. evalinde,

blabla lol

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