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1. laila.ali,

hi those who care about stop of classic skype you can go this web site and share there to tell them that we want that they not stop classic skype
we need many people share and send to and microsoft to not stop classic skype soon

2. Nikola,

I was wondering when this is going to come up. Good luck with that.

3. Vojvoda ,

No come on, people stop this already. Petition for keeping the old skype, better make a petition to help in developing the new one, instead of wasting time on this, take your time and write few things that could be better in Skype 8

4. Nikola,

Yeah I am still waiting for somebody to legitimately tell me what they dislike in new skype so they can receive help, however nobody seems to want that.

5. Vojvoda ,

You think they've even tried?

6. Dayan,

I don't see anything bad on this skype but I have a question... Why does it beep when I write something wrong... Actually not like I do so but I write in a different language so yeah.

7. Nikola,

It beeps for spelling errors in English, a NVDA feature that now works inside Skype too. You can turn it off in document formatting settings, by unchecking a setting called spelling errors, or if you want to have spelling errors reported but not to have that sound then in keyboard settings uncheck Play sound for spelling errors while typing

8. Dayan,

Thaaanks so much! :) Problem solved.

9. supanut2000,

I also don't understand why people hated the new Skype 8, since from my tests with both Jaws and NVDA it's quite accessible. If it's the shortcuts feature that is missing then I will have to agree 100% since I found it very time-consuming just to pick up a call on my desktop without a hotkey.
If it was the fact that there are very limited settings that you can change in Skype 8, I'll also have to agree. There is just one page of settings and what you can actually change is very limited, compared to classic Skype.

10. Nikola,

Answering a call isn't a big deal since it automatically focuses you on call controls once you get one, or well it does that in most cases. About settings, that is certainly a valid point. In classic skype you could definitely toggle more settings like select individual notification events, here you can just have all notifications or no notifications. That on it's own does not make me want to cry to Microsoft to return classic Skype, cause it isn't happening. If you have used Skype previously on a smartphone, you will understand how the new interface works easier. In fact, it is almost the same as the Skype app for Android and probably iOS too.

11. StormProductions,

No worries. I switched back to Skype 7.

12. sound2,

I guess not everyone wants the smart phone layout. I'm not using one, so it would be strange to me. I haven't tried out the new skype, even the classic one doesn't work properly for me. NVDA doesn't read chat messages. For some people they don't always heare when a call comes in, or so I understand. Read about this on another platform.

13. Nikola,

Well, you can switch to Skype 7 no problem, but what is the point? On 1st of september you will need to force yourself to get used to the new layout, so why not do it while you have more time? The fact it is smartphone layout does not mean you must have a smartphone to understand it. It just means that if you do have one, it will feel very similar. If not, you just need to spend some time getting used to the app but not switching back in 5 minutes as soon as you cannot do something. When you installed Skype for the first time in your life, you did not get the hang of everything right away did you? This goes same for every big app really. Your computer knowledge will determine how quickly you will get used to it, but eventually things make more sense and the more you use an app, the faster you can access different parts of it. If you must find a button, the first time you might take a minute to find it. The second time you will have an idea where it is and take less time, and this goes for the entire interface, even for the operating system itself.

14. sound2,

Personally, when I started using skype, I didn't struggle. This was stil on windows xp. Like I said previously the classic verssion of skype I couldn't use for some reason. Which is now on windows 8. So I've stopped using it in the meantime. My point here was not to debate or argue, just to say that not everyone has the same experiences when it comes to using programmes. It's not because they don't want to try either.

15. Dayan,

I can't really complain about this version of skype. I just have some doubts like how to close a conversation and some more that I can't remember... And if they wanted to make it look like the mobile app, I miss there the voice message button. They have a so good quality (unless it is a voice message after a non answered call) but if I wold request for something is for that to be added. Out of that nothing I would really complain for.

16. supanut2000,

According to the latest version of Skype 8, there's a back button on the top-left of the chat window which I think, hides the chat window, but doesn't exactly close the chat.

17. Amine,

Lets make something cleare. The lay out change makes it hard only for us blind people to use, with it being originaly made for touch screens, and then a web application on windows and everything, but someone who's sighted could use the thing effortlessly, heck it could even make it easier for them. So write a complaint or not, nobody will listen to other than majority, witch sadly, we're not. All we can hope for now is for accessibility with this skype version to advance, hopefully that'll atleast happen.

18. supanut2000,

I think there's 2 strategies, really. Either we try harder to promote our cause and so make the accessibility issue in Skype 8 gain publicity (to the point that Microsoft cannot ignore), or we accept the change and adapt to the new interface.

19. persa1k ,

I am using the new skype, and can not complain about the fact that somethings have gon. just have to get used to it, cause if changes don't happen skype will like windows messinger. I like the new skype? no but is either you get used to it or you sit and cry. hope you wont get angry at me.

20. supanut2000,

I think I totally agree with you. Yes the new Skype lacks some important features like hotkeys, but at the very least it's accessible with NVDA.
The thing is, if you don't give the new Skype a try, you won't actually know if it's really accessible. So my suggestion is, give it a try now while you still have time. And remember, there's always Skype web and/or Skype mobile apps.

21. YNWA,

There is an option where you can report issues, if people keep sending in mesages...

Zuletzt geändert von YNWA, Jul 31 2018 17:28:15

22. Amine,

apparently microsoft extended their deadline for skype 7. There is no announcement as to when they're going to end it but it's most likely not in the near future.

23. Qais,

Will stop support for Skype classic on the first of September, read here.

24. Amine,

well my friend, there is a little something I call being up to date.

25. laila.ali,

yes miscrosoft decide to remain classic skype for some time more because many people complain about new skype version and they want classic skype but it still that microsoft will end classic skype .but many people still try write to miscosoft to not stop it or at least make new skype interface same as classic skype ,so there are still hope .there are link for thos people who care about that :

26. Qais,

Very good

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