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31. george,

yeah i know, when i play offline, actually when I try to do it, it appears an edit box which is readonly, and two buttons, ok and cancel. Ah, and a kind of combo box category, when i press the buttons nothing happens.

32. Nikola,

In that combo box, make sure all is selected. When you tab there is a list of games. Though in your case it is possible it is empty, because you do need to log in the first time do download the game files.

33. george,

thanks! I see that is a bug, and so the game files didn't download, so, what should I do, to wait till they solve the problem?

34. Nikola,

There is no bug. When you launch an online game, it will download and then you can play it offline.

35. george,

I'm talking about the registration, that is a bug, i received a mail with my user name and password confirmed, and the game tells i didn't introduce those correctly, but I did.

36. Nikola,

I can't know that. I've heard some people complaining, but I never had issues myself. Try contacting support on the website.

37. RadioPierpaolo,

When will the online quiz be translated in English?

38. Nikola,

Not for now. It's not as easy as you think. Currently, it is paused even in Russian until the new client comes out. Might happen in English at some point, but nothing to report on that at present. Don't think about translations first. I can give a set of 30 questions each week, no problem. However, I don't think that should be started until or if it gets popular enough. What fun is it to have 10 people in it? If more people start using the client, it might happen sooner. I don't know if you understand how it works in Russian, but essentially it is a standalone game. Everybody plays for themselves. It starts usually on saturday. You have a set of questions, usually 30 or 15 depending on the quiz size. For each question, you have 15 seconds to answer. Depending on when you do, your score is calculated. For example, if you answer in the first second, you get 16 points. If in the 2nd, you get 15 and so on. If your answer is wrong, if you immediately answered you lose just 1 point, while for each second it adds up one more point. Top 10 people get prizes in the form of stars, which can be exchanged for various benefits of the client. As you see, it needs a stable players base before it can go live. Having the same people winning prizes isn't so fun.

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