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1. CathyAnne,

Well, they made it so that Uno allows the player who has the least amount of cards to win of cards to win unlike RS Games which allows the player that has the most amount of points and cards to win.

2. YNWA,

There is more than one way to skin a rabbit.

3. Vojvoda ,

Fun facts

4. CathyAnne,

I like RS and it's way better. However, if this is what this server insists on using, I'm welcome to adapting.

5. Vojvoda ,

I thought already playroom will have to adapt

6. LaraStardust,

As ynwa said, there is more than one way to skin a rabbit.
On the one hand pr copies RS, on the other it's crap because it doesn't.
It's a lose lose situation.
Anyone heard of the concept called, "someone's taken hours to develop this platform, appreciate it for what it is?" Clearly not.

7. helleon,

As I heard someone say recently, although in this case it was in relation to an entirely different topic, the arrival of social media and the internet has made people compare everything to something else as opposed to appreciating it for what it is.

8. Nikola,

Copying is great if done right. For example, if PR just copied all RS games that would be boring and nobody would play it. However, copying ideas is great when you bring inovation to an idea. Our computers, our mobile phones and the entire technology would not be what it is if companies didn't copy each other and bring in their inovations. We have miles with additional options, same goes for uno, for monopoly and so on. As long as they aren't the same and offer differences, you play what suits your taste the most. Of course, it's not possible with every game. What would you change in a farkle game? However, it ended up being quite popular on here. I like how at present, Aminiel didn't copy anything without a reason. Be it new options, better interface or just user demand.

9. afrim,

I don't think this is copying; it's just a further work on what we have had in the past in other social gaming platforms for the blind and visually impaired. They can't bring you a totally new innovation, not only when the platform is totally free, but even when it has been built for commercial reasons. And that's another thing as well: when building two or more products that function in the similar way, you cannot expect them to be intirely different as the user will need to put much work on learning it, something which not many people are willing to do.

10. CathyAnne,

Oh, it may be the manner in which i notice things.

11. Lemonade,

Does RS also have an option for the person with the most amounts of farkles winning the game? If not, we should get that instead.

12. Aminiel,


Why should I always have the same exact thing as others have ?
I'm tired about those who suggest to add a given game or feature just because it is elsewhere.
No sir, I don't want to add something just because others have it. I'm not RS, I'm not a copy of RS, and I don't want to be a copy of RS. Here we are on the playroom !

When you make a suggestion, please give real arguments.

For the initial question, there are effectively two ways of consider scoring with uno, rummy, dominos and other games where you have to get rid of your hand:

The advantage of the second solution is that the player with the greatest number of points is the final winner and that there is no elimination.
However, only the winner of the round get points, while all others get none

With the first solution, the final winner is the person with the least number of points, and there is elimitation.
However, all players except the winner get points.

as a result, the first way is, I think, more balanced, especially if you decide to stop before the end.
If you look at stats, it is in fact frequent: more than a third of the games are stopped before their end.
It seems that the game is also globally going faster. IN uno, for example, except the final with 2 players, the more palyers there are, the longer a round lasts.

Everything is a question of point of view.

13. Vojvoda ,

I've played dominos and Uno live before and we always had rules from the playroom. To be honest I can remember when I tried uno on RS I was like wtf are those rules.
I like so much that you Aminiel put inovations in games, you show how creative and smart you are, you even make those games more fun. I need to take scientific war as an example. I played similar game which is called war only, that game is kinda for kids, and you made similar game which requires a bit of luck yes, but you have to think, luck doesn't play so big role.

14. CathyAnne,

I was only venting my frustration on learning the same game on different servers.

15. YNWA,

RS in some respects can be easier for teaching, so think of RS as a beginners course and here an advanced. Rummy is a great example, people can learn the basics on RS but if you want something more advanced then learn the PR version.

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