Having issue with the web client

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1. Mazdak ,

Hello people.
When I'm loging in my account and trying to play with the web client, no sounds plaies for me.
Since I have IDM in order to download things, many windows of the IDM is being opened to download the playroom sounds as the download file info... dialog.
Even if I download the sounds manuely, it still tries to download them as the duplicate download link, even if I disable the IDM, my firefox tries to download the sounds manuely itself.
I'm confused what can I do to my browser to recognize the sound and stop annoying me with this thing?
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

2. Nikola,

Go to IDM and add qcsalon.net as an exception. IDM is trying to get the sounds, so just tell it not do download the files from the playroom's website.

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