downloading voices for n v d a for free

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1. deathdragon,

hi. So i was trying to download a voice for nvda and once i instoled the driver and the voice it said the trile had expired. Do any of you know how to download a n v d a voice for free. Thanks.

2. Howard,

Which voice? Which driver? This is like asking how do I download a program. Some voices are free, some not, the list of legal voices is in in the user guide.

3. deathdragon,

the driver is a newonce expresive driver version 3 point 1. As for the voices, for example deck talk or some natural voice that is for free

4. Howard,

Nuance voices are not free, as can be seen on the page

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5. deathdragon,

so do you know any free voices

6. YNWA,

there was a woman's voice that was better than the man's but forget name as it was a long time ago I looked when a friend needed it.

7. deathdragon,

do you know where i can find it?

8. YNWA,

I think they had a link called downloads on the nvda website and you should find them from there.

9. CathyAnne,

Have you checked Jeff's NVDA reposatory> They have a lot of good voices over there.

10. deathdragon,

not i haven't really

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