What's youre favourite side scroler or stratagy audio game.

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1. deathdragon,

hi, so i was wondering what your favourite stratagy or side scroler audio game is?

2. Lemonade,

I hope we can name two, because side scrollers and strategy games tend to be very different categories. I'll think on it though.

3. deathdragon,

yeah, you can peek as many as you want.

4. george,

So I think as a sidescroller desafio mortal.

5. FloydLawton,


6. the-supreme-AI,

superliam, the gate, psyco strike, and some others that i cannot bring to mind

7. deathdragon,

mine are sycho strike, super liam, castaways, and something else

8. the-supreme-AI,

oh, and if i may say so, eurofly

9. MuhammadHajjar,

When it comes to sidescrollers: The Gate, Psycho Strike, and some others I don't currently recall. And, I don't know if Planet Saga could be considered a sidescroller, for that sidescrolling is a part of it but if so, it'll be the best sidescroller for me. However the full version isn't yet out.

10. deathdragon,

yes, i'm preety sure planet saga is a side scorler. And yeah euro fly is great

11. Mohammedradwan2003,

what is cast aways

12. deathdragon,

castaways is a stratagy bassed audio game.

13. florianionascu7,

Hello, I consider Psycho Strike being both a sidescroler and strategy game. I like it.

14. Vojvoda ,

My favorite side scroller is super Liam and although I did not play much I saw BK3 is an awesome game.

15. deathdragon,

youre right flory. Schyco strike is a side scroler and stratagy game.

16. MuhammadHajjar,

Oh yes, forgot that Psycho Strike is both a sidescroller and a strategy game. :D.

17. deathdragon,

hahaa yyou picked two and you didn't know it

18. Lemonade,

Sadly there's very little in the way of strategy. It tries, but it remains largely a game where you hit the arrows and the space bar a bunch of times.

19. LaraStardust,

actually, as a dev, that's a question I've always been interested in.
What do people class as, "a strategy game."

20. deathdragon,

yeah. That's a good question.

21. Qui-gon_Jin,

right know i knew a game thath looks like batalla constante..., really is the same like the old desafio mortal....
the name of that is fighting to the death and really i like to much this, and really for me is best cause here dards launcher doesn't exists
and one of the thinks that i hate of batalla constante or constant batle is this weapon..., cause with that you really can't shot never cause you always are paralized

22. deathdragon,

yes i have that game. the sever has timed out for 3 days now however.

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