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1. george,

Hello guys, I played some first person shooters, since few months I'v stopped, but now I want to do that again. But I don't find any shooter available, redspot is closed, as I know, tk also, citymass, ultrapower too. Do you know a functional on-line fps?

2. Mazdak ,

The only option in my mind is fire fight, though I don't also play it for some technical reasons, hoping that they solve it in the next update, but if still anyone knows such shooting or surviving games, please let us know.

3. george,

EYah, thanks, can you give me a link or a web source where I can find this game?

4. Mazdak ,

5. george,


6. FloydLawton,

there's swamp and firefight, also rtr.
sc games aren't fps

7. george,

I dont know rtr, or i dont rember, can you tell me all it's name to search it?

8. bloodsharp , is rtr

9. FloydLawton,

it's now.
road to rage

10. george,

A, I know this game, i have ackount and stuff, but there is no available server. Tell me please an available server from that list.

11. Mohammedradwan2003,

visit and go to rtr heden, download sounds, enter ip and ports and boom

12. deathdragon,

hey guyys, do you know how to swich rtr from online to ofline mode?

13. george,

Hey, i downloaded swamp and undeadassault. Both games have a problem, when I launch the executable file, it appears an error which says that one file isn't exist or is invalid.

14. Nikola,

RTR does not have an offline mode in the latest version. About swamp, run checkup.exe to register VB components. Undead assault as far as I know is no longer up, but even if it is we need exact errors and not guesswork to know what is up with your game.

15. george,

thanks, but what do you say about that:
Swamp dialog Run-time error '52':

Bad file name or number

16. Nikola,

Did you run the checkup file? If yes, make sure that your archive is not corrupted or something like that. It should normally work. What Windows is it?

17. george,

I did all correct thanks, but with rtr is strange, I downloaded all things I need from the bsg website, but it appear's that it's impossible to connect, is rtr abbandoned?

18. Nikola,

The game is abandoned as the guy is working on a new game. However, that does not mean you cannot connect. Everybody can make their own server and you can connect to any server currently working.

19. george,

ah, thank you. I connected on the bsg server, please guys, who knows what should I do for swamp after check up, because it doesn't works, let me know.

20. deathdragon,

i'm not sure. But, i have the same problem

21. bloodsharp ,

download the patch, then coyp and replace the files in there

22. deathdragon,


23. george,

Anyways, you must pay in order to play on-line.

24. bloodsharp ,

yep, it is only 20 dollars a year though

25. deathdragon,

yeah once i get a gamer acount then i'll finally play swamp.

26. CathyAnne,

Well, I am afraid to play swamp because it too far above what i am able to do.

27. Vojvoda ,

=4.10. Come on people find some other topic

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