End Support classic skype On the first of November

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1. Qais,

I'm very very sad,
I love the skype 7 much. I have many problems with skype 8,
Editor’s note, September 27, 2018:
We’re continuing to work on your most requested features. Recently we launched call recording and have started to roll out the ability to search within a conversation. You’ll soon be able to add phone numbers to existing contacts, have more control over your availability status, and more. As we continue to focus on and improve Skype version 8, support for Skype versions 7, and below will end on November 1, 2018 on desktop devices and November 15, 2018 on mobile and tablet devices. Although you may be able to use older versions for a little while, we encourage you to update today to avoid any interruption.

2. Adventure-Time,

Soo let's hope Skype 8's new interface will eventually become less problematic and that it will offer more options. There's no point crying & yelling at Microsoft to stick to Skype 7 forever. Instead, however, it's much better to tell them what's wrong with the new interface, what features from the old version are you missing etc.

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3. Howard,

Keep saying that forever but people don't realize. More or less it works, a few things could make it better but nothing too terrible.

4. the-raven ,

well they should have realized by now that a lot of people dont like their new version, so maybe they should take that into acount before forcing people to use a version they don't like.

5. YNWA,

Have they ever cared about what people like? If they keep 7 then they will have to keep a team for that version and I am sure they already have a team working on version 9. I am sure if they could get away with it they would stop all support for Vista, 7 etc today.

6. Howard,

In fact, they did care and did see it. Originally, it was going to be the 1st of september. However, users didn't like that and they moved it to november so that some old features can be implemented in the new skype. The main reason it's a force ubgrade is basically the fact that right now, you have classic desktop skype for windows, for MAC, for iOS, android, linux and god knows how many platforms. The new skype is essentially a web app, and is much easier to maintain for multiple platforms.

7. the-supreme-AI,

wlll to say the least, i, have, hated, skype 8 ever since it was released, but now, i don't know how i fele, and it is true, they don't care about what you like and don't, they're in, it, for, the, money! we purchase their products, they make money and give us crappy services, like skype, and others

8. Mazdak ,

Guys, It's not thing that they doesn't can keep the classic running, it's that they doesn't want, because they've also released a lite version of the skype first for the india users, then many people from around the world used it by their android device, so I think they can design a lite version for PC, too, or keep this classic running. Actually most of the skype 8 users are tolerating this version, just because they are up to date, but if they hear that a newer update has been released for the classic and the MS won't remove it's support for it, they'll swich to that classic. This point cannot be denied that the version of 8 has a long long way to get fast and easy and without problem as same as the classic one. All things we do goes faster with the classic, at least for those who doesn't have a powerful CPU, and then, ram, as same as me, so Whether we want to or not, and Whether we know and do not know, the classic version was faster than this one, and compatible with most of the low computers, also we cannot stop them to not ending their support for the classic version, so let's tolerate the new version, or obtain a better computer, they will end this version someday, 1st of the September, October or November, it just got extended in the recent months, but what eventually will be!

9. Howard,

Honestly no it's not slower than classic, and all I heard on every topic about skype was just whining with no actuall things that are wrong. Yes, you can say MS doesn't care or whatever, but with feedback like that if I was at Microsoft I wouldn't care either. Imagine if you were a developer of Skype and people keep saying that it sucks but not how it can be improved. If you were pointing out actual problems somebody could help you, but no we'd rather hate Microsoft just because something updated. Well, technology evolves and you cannot use programs in the same way for 5 years.

10. laila.ali,

yes i agree with those people who blame microsoft .micrsosoft become make things bad and not care what people want and like .many people complain from skype 8 even normal people who not blind complain and prefer skype 7 .but nothing to do now .misrosoft is stupid and not listen

11. Cristina ,

They should do scripts for jaws for this version then everything will be alright.
They did this for all the previous versions of skype.
Personally, if I have scripts, I can use any version of skype, lol.

12. Howard,

There are scripts in the latest jaws update, but scripts are not magic. You have commands to move to chat history, to the message field and probably some other things too. Well Laila, there are sighted people who hate Windows too so what? There are people who hate anything, reasons are important but I give up explaining that.

13. laila.ali,

mr nikola you annoy people alot here .man if u like skype 8 you are free .and we are free also to not like it !!! you insist much to write comment on every topic here every minute ! do not you have school ????

14. Howard,

Lol. It's not about liking or not liking it, forum is for opinions. It's about me not understanding what do you actually not like. Also, just as you are free to write posts I am too. There is no need for personal comments on a skype topic. If you hate me, discuss that privately and don't clutter the forum.

15. Mohammedradwan2003,


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