Your saved tables quota is exceeded. You must delete some of them before you can save this one.

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1. tiny,

well, how i can do it lol. i can't delete one from here. so it must shows the tables and let me delete one and save this one. 2 things maybe you say, delete one before, change the master, but i want to save it myself and, right now

2. Nikola,

Unfortunately, you cannot save a table in such a situation. You must give the table master to somebody else who will be able to save. To delete a table, go to the menu with your saved tables and press delete on one of them.

3. tiny,

yeah i know but, i mean it's so simple to do, just if we can see the menu we can delete a table and then we'll be able to save that table, right there at the game. which is not possible now but i hope it becomes possible for future and, if we play with bots we can't give the master

4. Lost-Puppy,

I actually would appreciate if it once was added. There could be a menu simply showing all of your tables and you just press enter on it or something such.

5. keyWasFull,

to delete a saved table find the table in a restore a table menu, and press delete

6. tiny,

when you saw that message you can do nothing. menu should appears for you to do it right there. or, that's so easy. simply if there be a shortcut to acsess to restore menu, it can be solve easily.

7. Jeff-Rutkowski,

Well, if all else fails, you can try either pressing the applications key. If your computer isn't equipped with this key, shift+f10 might work to access the menu.

8. Aminiel,

From now on, a warning on save tells you when you are short in space.
So you are informed and you can delete unused tables before your quota is totally full.

As a reminder, you can save up to 31 tables.

9. CathyAnne,

Well, Hello all. It's been a while have posted. Good work on this topic.

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