A questions for people from India

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1. Giovani ,

I have published on My blog one article. I don't want to post It here. You can click on the link below and answer those things, because I would like to be sure about those things.

2. Vojvoda ,

For this answer try reading bible, if you check Noah sons you will find answer on your question.

3. CathyAnne,

What the heck> This makes no sense.

4. Vojvoda ,

You don't make sense

5. Lost-Puppy,

@Vojvoda I kindly ask you to actually make constructive comments.

6. bloodsharp ,

vojvoda, i think that is very rude personally, but yeah, it doesn't help eather way

7. YNWA,

Why we have spam on the forum is the real question that should be asked.

8. Vojvoda ,

His comment was very constructive, disrespectable to me and to giovani

9. Lost-Puppy,

It's pointless to even reply to you, @Vojvoda. Well, I still did.

10. Cristina ,

You should be fair and neutral guys.
Vojvoda's reacting looks offensive, but Cathiane's post is also.
Furthermore Vojvoda's first post is not senseless at all, but only who read and study Bible can understand what he meant saying that.

11. Lost-Puppy,

Right. @CathyAnne was not really polite either, and perhaps you are right @Cristina if about the bible, so a sincere apology goes to you @Vojvoda, although yes it would be nice if you were a bit more polite or just avoid those who actually don't make sense.

12. CathyAnne,

Well, oI'm sorry guys. I wasn't feeling that great yesterday.

13. The-Queen,

this sounds like an interesting article. You could do some research on the internet probably, or ask native Indians where they originally come from. Sounds like great history. :D

14. The-Chaos,

does it really matter? we all originated from africa, 2 million years ago. or at least our genetic ancestors did. of course, homo sapians came into existance like 200,000 years ago... then interbred with other homo-humanoid species, so we ain't the pure humans as we think ourselves to be. :P

15. Giovani ,

People, thanks to your replies. I have tried to ask It via this forum, or via some friends from India via Skype, because really, there are such opinions in Slovakia about those things and also, why for example Tamils are against Hindi language?
There are various questions, which maybe haven't any good answer.

16. StormProductions,

I guess it's a good question in its topic, but actually rudeness came in its place on this topic as well, so I'd like to stop seeing this kind of rudeness over here and see more peace.

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