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1. StormProductions,


Any way to get rid of those forks in Skype Classic? When I launch Skype Classic, my Skype simply stops responding and I'm unable to mark them as read or do anything, and they're over 30000 forks. Please help me get rid of them as I can''t use Skype on my pc at all.


2. soundarya,

few times when my skype was extremely slow i deleted my settings and history by clearing up the skype folder in appdata.

3. StormProductions,


That actually won't help. Whenever I delete history and open Skype again, the forks come back and lag my Skype, so it's the same thing.

Now I've created another account until I find a solution for my problem , which is actually kinda hard to find.

4. soundarya,

Oh, yes. I think its not possible to delete the history of one month. older ones can be deleted. Even if you delete, the history of one month they come back once you log in.

5. StormProductions,

That's exactly what I meant. When you turn your Skype on after hisotry deletion, they'd come back and lag it again. I guess the only way is to delete one by one and that's gonna take a big damn while for like 30000 forks.

6. Ramon-Salazar,

Did You try leaving them one by one using skype8?

7. StormProductions,


Skype 7 is the only one I have installed on my device right now. I've switched to another account though until it gets fixed so good.

8. Minionslayer,

Skype 8 actually doesn't do anything about forks anyway

9. AlirezaNosrati,

don't leave them, just hold delete on your history and it all will go away, but you can't search f anymore if y ou do it'll all start again.

10. Howard,

There is no point in deleting your history. One message in a forked group is enough to get it all back, and you can't leave them. The best thing to do is to stop adding random spammers to your contacts. Generally, there is no reason to add somebody you do not know well enough.

11. the-supreme-AI,

i've been through that situation, with cuddley wuddley, or disfuckertron, as i call him, he forked me about 1168 times and i could leave every single one of them, i blocked him for it though

12. The-Queen,

I tried cleaning out a skype with over 8000forks. I gave up, man... there's no point in doing that, just try closing your microsoft account, and create a new one. If you have stuff on your microsoft account, create a new Skype and do not add anyone that you think will fork you.
The other thing is, that now Skype and Microsoft accounts are automatically linked together, so if you're having a backup account you better use it to store any important data.
You might want to look at the privacy settings of your Skype and secure yourself a bit more.
For example, I'm not available in the Skype directory when you're trying to search for my Skype, which makes it different for people to find me. And don't go giving out your Skype everywhere. It ain't very save with those spammers around.
Thanks for reading. :D

13. YNWA,

Are they related to Guy Falks? ahahah!

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