virtual audio cable not working

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hey everyone. So I install something called virtual audio cable yesterday. However I can’t seem to get the input or output to work. I cannot hear anything through my speakers once I switch to it. And the mike isn’t working. I don’t know what to do.

2. StormProductions,


Make sure that on your TeamTalk or Skype applıcatıon wherever you wanna stream somethıng=ö your ınput devıce ıs Lıne 1 and your output one ıs your speakerç
Nextö to enable your mic in the cable, go ahead and do this:

  1. Open start menu;
  2. Type MME in the search box;
  3. Open Audio Repeater (MME) application;
  4. In the first combo box choose your mic;
  5. In the second one choose Line 1;
  6. Press tab three times and enter a lower number in the edit field, such as 100 or 250, depending on your computer's performance. This is the delay of the mic that'll be played during the time the Repeater is on;
  7. Hit "Start" and enjoy your mic through the VAC app.

If anything is unclear, don't hesitate to add me and leave me an inbox, I'll be very glad to reply.

3. CathyAnne,

Hmm. That was interesting.
I never heard of that.

4. Vojvoda ,

Thanks for the instructions

5. StormProductions,

You're welcome. I hope it helped someone.

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