Changing my nickname

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1. thorbr ,

Hello folks,
First, let me apologize if I'm writing on the wrong forum, hope it's not the case.
Well, the thing is: I'm trying to change my nickname from ThorBR to Starboy it have been a while, but still haven't had any results.
I sent the request to do it but it might have been 3 weeks or more and still nothing.
So I'd like to know if there's any way to change my nickname or even to contact the team and discuss about it.

Thanks in advance

2. Vojvoda ,

Are you sure you sent your proposal successfully?

3. thorbr ,

Yes, I am. I did it through the page. I've waited for any answer 'til now. I knew it would take a time to be done, but I'm starting to think if someone have really received/read my request...

4. marina7,

hello, indeed we haven't received your request so try again and make sure to read the message that your request has been successfully sent.

5. facelessghost,

Please implement an automatic e-mail response stating that your change request has been received during the review process.
It is not clear when the nickname is sent away!
for example, I once had a nickname
I wanted to change it, but in all likelihood the nickname that I sent for review was not approved, but nothing was written to me on the page.
this is also desirable to add.
That the answer came when the nickname is not approved with the reason.
One person wrote to me "Do they write answers when they do not approve of a nickname?"
Not! I received no answers.
Yes, it is not possible for everyone to answer, but if you do this automatically, for example, if you approved, then the person would receive a message in the mail about it.
And if not, the opposite message would come.
for reasons you can make ready-made texts!
To somehow inform users about changing their nicknames.

6. CathyAnne,

Why would something along those lines be absolutely necessary?

7. ,

because then people would know that it worked

8. Dayan,

I think that's already happening, you get a confirmation e-mail.

9. Vojvoda ,

confirmation yes, but not refusation

10. facelessghost,

At this moment, you receive a message only in the event that if your nickname has been approved, and if not, then you will not receive anything.

11. YNWA,

I agree it is an inefficient system where everybody is non the wiser, from people changing their usernames to friends of those users who change their username. As we just have one active helper in the English section because they did not recrute more helpers from a position of strength, it is possible that one helper due to having other things to do could approve a multiple number of username changes instantly making it very confusing for the rest of us. Imagine if you get 10 of your friends who have their username suddenly all changed at the same time.

12. Nikola,

Well, of course they will approve multiple names, not one each day as that would be so long. However, you can always ask people who they are.

13. YNWA,

when done on mass it is an issue and is a lot of trouble when you have several people change at once. The idea of the PR is make it as user friendly as possible not make it more difficult for everybody.

14. Nikola,

I understand, but that does not make it less user friendly. Let's say you are a helper and you have 30 nickname requests. If you change them one per day, you will have a month of accepting and a month of waiting for the last user, and let's not forget that in the meantime the new requests will arrive. I have said already on another topic that I personally think the nickname approving is unnecessary, but that's just my opinion.

15. YNWA,

That is stating the obvious and I am sure people can work that out for themselves, under the current system too many too quickly is not good. Users can themselves put in their PM the fact they were X and are now Y, maybe, ffor the first 24 hours their old username can be left in brackets at the end.

16. Vojvoda ,

I think there shouuld be any option to check who they were before changing nickname. for example statistic page of that person could have information about their last nickname.

17. YNWA,

That would work well.

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