where could I get movies for blind people?

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1. elmago,

I would like to know about some pages where I can listen audiomovies.

2. Mazdak ,


3. helleon,

If the Blind Mice Movie Vault isn't defunct, that used to be a great source for audio described movies, and of course there's Netflix.

4. phoenix009,

Hey. If you want to watch movies with AD, on IOS that is, buy them from the ITunes Store. Don't forget to turn on Audio Descriptions in Accessibility.

5. the-supreme-AI,

there's also jeff's webpage, some of you don't know about it, but anyway it's a great place for audio described movies

6. elmago,

could you give me the link of that page?

7. StormProductions,


Try this:

8. YNWA,

Don't storm productions make audio described movies? Didn't they make pirates of the Caribbean, Treasure Island, A Muppets: treasure island, Robinson Crusoe and Swiss Family Robinson?

9. StormProductions,

No. I haven't made audio described movies yet, but that's not a bad idea to think of in the future.

10. YNWA,

I think in the UK they now have to make a percentage of TV shows Audio described. In some soaps I have listened to I think what is the point as I can work out most things. For example they may say someone enters the Queen fvic and the character then asks for a pint. They are hardly in a hospital unless they are a vampire! I did play a Mary Poppins DVD from I think 2004 and that had audio description on it and that was good, volume level was too high compared to the sound of the rest of the DVD but I hope that would be better now.

11. AlirezaNosrati,

@ynwa i thought they were the guys selling power generators and stuff?

12. helleon,

Yeah, Sky (which covers both the United Kingdom and Ireland) are very good for it. I watfched a drama on Sky Atlantic in which it was particularly good recently. It was louder than the show itself, but it was not over the top of the dialogue so that's fine by me. They've also started providing it in the line of subtitles on reality shows. i.e. Brit Cops

13. Wiam ,

I prefer listening to podcasts or known as audio dramas, they are cool.

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