What we can and can't say in The play Room

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1. CathyAnne ,

i think that administrators shouldn't monitor everything that we say in the play room. The reason is that this takes away the freedom of speech in our constitution. If you are like me,a nd you are exceptionally impulsive, well, try to read anything you write before sending it. It isn't fair to judge. Also, why is it that we can't make our own disicions on what will be tolerated in our own games? As far as bots, they wshould always be included.
Great place, just needs a bit of work.

2. Aminiel,

Why are you saying that ?

Allthough there is freedom of speech, we can't tolerate everything. We can't accept illegal things such as piracy, as well as racism and such strong insults against other people, or pornography considering that there are people under 18. If you like one of these and want to share, it's your choice, but do it somewhere else or in private with your friends. We don't want that on a public place where many people from many different cultures come to have a good time, it's really not desirable.

Forbidding advertisements or religion is more a matter of choice, okay, but because they allmost never bring interesting debats without becoming rude, it's better to exclude them as well.

We must record everything said in the playroom to have proofs in case we get a complain. Don't believe your e-mails, skype and MSN conversations, mobile phone calls, or all other modern communication means, are not logged. It's false. Even your internet navigation is logged. However it doesn't mean that everybody read everything: in most cases it's useless, and there would be far too much data to analyse.

3. CathyAnne ,

Well, because RS Games has Voice clips and you don't have those. How do yo upost on here again? i can't remember.

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