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1. Adventure-Time,

Oh well! Apparently, our first five amazing tips must've got eaten by someone or what. Last but not least, though:
6. Check out the brand-new smashing and extra-ordinary home-made Evening Playroom Sound pack, made just for you!
Now we're not going to reveal much details regarding the pack right away, since it is rather up to you to find out and form your opinion on how awesome / retarded it is. Let us just say that we've been working quite hard on this one in the last couple of weeks and definitely had lots of fun and embarrassing moments making the sounds and testing them afterwards.
In order to try it out, just click the link below, unzip the folder and replace "sounds" with the already existing folder in C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\QCGC\. We strongly recommend you to make a copy of the previous folder first, so that you don't lose the original QC sounds.
Here's the link:
Enjoy and feel free to post any feedback.
Best regards,
D & A-T

2. Vojvoda ,

Funny sounds

3. DarthSidious ,

Pity they are too long e.g for playing uno.

4. Nikola,

Now I wonder how many sounds can you have using exclusively parts of songs for the Playroom. There's your next April 1st idea.

5. Adventure-Time,

@Nikola Nice one ROFL. Believe it or not, we came up with the same idea, and we thought of replacing the cash & pay sounds for something entirely different, while we keep the current ones for some sort of Music pack. But there's still plenty of songs for that one if it ever happens. We just couldn't resist. :D
@Albus-Dumbledore Have you actually tried playing uno with the pack? We did, and the sounds didn't seem to be longish at all for either of us. We've definitely taken the game's fast pace into consideration, and we knew that one bad cut or a too long sound would just ruin the game completely and that's no fun. Eventhough I assume that such stuff are fair on April 1st. :D

6. DarthSidious ,

Fcourse i did, otherwise i wouldn't say

7. Lemonade,

Hahaha. Congratulations.

8. Dayan,

@Albus-Dumbledore we very much appreciate your feedback! Also, we'd be very thankful if you could signal us the sounds that seem to be long in uno, since this would be the most affected game by their length. We'd like to fix them if possible so they're good enough for a comfortable play. We could have fixed them earlier, but we didn't really encounter with any issues on them.

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