FPS games for Android

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1. Pran,

Hi. I am looking for some FPS accessible games for Android. Please suggest. Thank you.

2. lord-of-Lightning ,

how abu tk

3. Nikola,

The point of your posts? Rules say that you are not supposed to insult others. To answer the topic, there is no FPS for mobile and probably wont ever be, especially online.

4. Pran,

I don't think TK is available for Android

5. deathdragon,

may i suggest dream lands. it may not be a fps but yeah. ou fight with other online players. and it's axsesible. go to the audiogames foram new releases room and look for the topic. please, read it before you download the game. please?

6. MuhammadHajjar,

Logically dude, tk is based on a stolen BGT source code (these days' kids' manipulations you know) so how could it be on Android?

7. Pran,

dude dreamland ain't for android

8. deathdragon,

it actually is according to the topic on the audio games foram

9. Pran,

it is no longer available there

10. deathdragon,

it's still there

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