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1. vrivri,

Hello everyone!
I need help with the following...
I am looking for game codes, more specifically BGT games.
Other than Oriol Gomez games, where else can I find these codes? Free or not, I really wanted to have them!

2. Honeycomb ,

I remember Carter had a Repo where he'd gathered together some BGT scripts. But in general, you could check Mason's open source games out too. There is no BGT project on Github publicly as far as I know.

3. vrivri,

Oh mama!
If anyone know something, please say to me!

4. wolfi,

lol that was funny bro

5. vrivri,

Here i find the code of the old Beatstar pro

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6. jotes,

the only opensource code that's available is from the oriol's github or gitlab profile, or mason's projects on his website. Other than that you will not be able to find anything.

7. Pran,

Can someone send Oreal Github BGT Source codes?

8. vrivri,

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