New WhatsApp group for blind gamers

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1. oriol_gomez92,


I made a whatsApp group for blind gamers.
I know many of you will say make a telegram group instead.
However, telegram is giving me a lot of issues with everything, doesn't let you admin the group properly, etc.
If you want to join my blind gaming whatsApp group follow this link on your IOS or Androir device!

2. Fawaz,

I don't recommend posting the link in public place, so many bots will join the group and send ads and leave.

3. the-supreme-AI,

there was a similar insident on skype reguarding bots, but as far as i am concerned, that concern is gone, for skype at least

4. Vojvoda ,

They still send friend requests to you on skype but much less than on skype 7. And joining grups is probably stopped.

5. the-supreme-AI,

joining groups works, it's the /fork command that has been neutralised

6. hassanraza03,

that's great

7. BellaBlack666,

This is replying to the-supreme-AI, i sent you a friend request, i was going to tell you in a pm, but it says the person only wishes to receive messages from his friends only. Anyway this is Bella also formally known as Bellatrix Lestrange.

8. Mohammedradwan2003,

hello, please if you can, add me

9. fire-starter,

bro you can just click the link

10. Mohammedradwan2003,

no, i will have to do some steps first
copy it some where, like skype
get it on the phone
from the skype
and join

11. Nikola,

That sounds complicated for sure, it's definitely a much better idea to post your number on a public forum and make it easy to find for spambots. Your phone has a browser though, so if you go to you can also find the topic and join directly.

12. MuhammadHajjar,

Yes, and even a quick google would easily allow you to find the PR site and then access the forums from there and join the group. I did this myself to join it.

13. StormProductions,

Good idea. Sharing your number would for sure help weird people find you and message you. So good luck in blocking a lot of people. Lol.

14. Pool,

well, I guess skype groups and qc tables are just fine, whatsapp group for blind gamers is, too much.

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15. Lemonade,

I don't share my number for exactly that reason, however I also know there are a lot of people who don't really care. To each their own I suppose.
Besides, can't you do it without giving out your number nowadays? I don't even know.

16. Nikola,

Yes, you can join via link, but since Internet is a terrible place if you do it that way, probably a bunch of spam bots will join the group forcing you to disable the link.

17. soundarya,

I think even if you join using the link, your number will be visible in the group info, where there is a list of all contacts.

18. Nikola,

Oh yes of course, this is only to not reveal it to the whole forum or in general post it publicly on the Internet, it will stay visible to the group.

19. soundarya,

I see yes.
By the way I did not mean contact, I meant the list of members present in the group.
Was somewhat sleepy.

20. The-Queen,

Yes, even if you join via link your number will still be clearly visible.
Meh, thanks. I don't wanna get calls at 5AM in the morning and spam messages. beauty sleep is more important. :D

21. Vojvoda ,

Queen There is a mute option. I must say I don't agree that posting your number publicly, at least on such forum is dangerous and I need to say that I don't join groups with blind people because most of our community is used to sending voice messages, so instead of spending one minute to read 10 previous messages I would have to spend 10 minutes listening to few vms.

22. StormProductions,

Regarding to calls at 5AM... that's why I set my phone to automatically enable the do not disturb mode at 11 PM and disable it at 9 AM. This way I won't get disturbed even if someone calls me at 5 AM.

Zuletzt geändert von StormProductions, Sep 25 2019 11:13:16

23. augma,

add me to this groop my number is +919999352773

24. godfather,

just lmao

25. florianionascu7,

I just joined the group. You could also publish its link on your website and on your mailing list so other people can access it easily, without publishing their phone numbers. :)

26. zymbabwex,

I just joined the group. You could also publish its link on your website and on your mailing list so other people can access it easily, without publishing their phone numbers. :)
Hello, what about spanish fokes who do not speak english at all?

27. StormProductions,

@zymbabwex, I don't think it's a good idea to copy someone's message and post it the same way.

28. Onisama,

What kind of games you talk about in the group?

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