we liked the playroom!

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61. alphaxploder ,

Th eplayroom had a very happy birthday thanks to everyone liking it.

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62. the-chaos,

th eplayroom would have an even happier birthday next time if th eplayroom is blessed by the lords of specific people.

63. YNWA,

I don't believe many who say they like the playroom really like it as much as they say they do. It is easy to say you like something but proving it is different. Protecting the integrity of the playroom is important and judging by some of the juvenile actions I have seen recently just proves that some don't really care that much for the PR's immage as they say they do.

64. DragonQueen,

Yup, Ynwa, I do agree with you on that.
This topic though, is for fun. If someone didn't like it a bit though they wouldn't keep playing or even hanging around here. When you dislike something, you just don't use it, go to it etc.
So, run if you don't want some fun, let's be done with the topic, shall we? Or you just would like to have some more fun until you run, because oh boy, obstacles are on your way, so you shall go through all our messages and have some delay. For your next destination, of course. Don't even ask from where that I write now came, because I don't know the source.

65. Slavista,

Actually really good topic... :D Anyways yes, i really like playroom... :D

66. Raion-Shalicuru,

The playroom likes to lick people with it's plasticy tongue. It also likes to say. SCO

67. alphaxploder ,

Th eplayroom likes the fact that people still share their likings with it.

68. lord-of-Lightning ,

how do you say that playroom likes liked by likes? liking is something which is liked by liked peeps?

69. fakeNews,

th eplayroom appriciates your incrediblly riddley and confusing observations

70. StormProductions,

I hope th eplayroom will be happy that I also like it. Will it?

71. fakeNews,

th eplayroom is very happy! th eplayroom is happy with strom productions and appriciates him expressing his love
towards it!

72. Adventure-Time,

In my country we like to say that a joke that'S repeated ceases to be a joke. I'm pretty sure that it applies to all the countries though. In other words, is there a chance you'll ever get bored of re-echoing the same joke over and over? I can accept that some of you find it a good way of letting off steam, and it's not as hard to ignore the topic after all, but still, in the name of our huge love and passion towards th eplayroom and its forum, don't you guys feel like giving it a go?

Zuletzt geändert von Adventure-Time, Oct 22 2019 13:19:35

73. fakeNews,

well, th eplayroom is only responding to those who choose to express their love towards it! and th eplayroom doens't find any thing wrong in that. its not like th eplayroom is unnecessarily spamming the topic. it only responds, when other people do.

74. diabolical-penguin,

Adventure Time, it definitely does apply. When a joke gets repeated over and over again, besides becoming more and more tedious, it also becomes silly.

75. StormProductions,

Hi, what's th eplayroom doing?

76. fakeNews,

th eplayroom is entertaining you guys! and awaitng more likes!

77. StormProductions,

Looks like we're getting more criticizm than likes. :D

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