sports games for windows

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1. Pran,

hello all.

I want to know if there are any multiplayer sports games for windows.


2. Vojvoda ,

What kind of games?
Audio, video or web games?
If web I can recommend you Hattrick and also some fantasy games such as fpl, NBA or UCL. If audio I can't really say if there are any good sports games which could really keep attention for a longer time.
Ontoys has table tennis and football but you get bored of these pretty quickly.

3. Nikola,

Yes. For audio games, vip games zone made probably the biggest progress with sport games, they have super tennis, unfortunately the company is no longer around so you cannot really play online. Still, it's not a bad game to play every once in a while. They also have super football, however that game does not simulate soccer so closely. Finally, there's beach volleyball. I don't think their website is up anymore, but if you are interested I probably have the installers for all the mentioned games above.

4. deathdragon,

yes, but are the VIP games all, or most, paid.

5. Nikola,

Yep, but there are demo versions available. There are registration patches for them too, and I am not sure if that is considered legal or not since the company pretty much disappeared. Let's avoid sharing that for now,, but playing a demo is perfectly legal.

6. Pran,

can you guys send the ontoys games or where to download them?

7. Nikola,
similar to the Playroom, you will have to create an account on the site before you can play.

8. Pran,

Hey, is there any manual for OnToys? If yes, then please tell me where.


9. Nikola,

No, there is no official documentation. There game game rules however. Press f1 while in a game to access them. Note that we have not translated all of them yet, but football is available. If you have any concrete questions, feel free to ask and I'll try to help. Finally, while in any window of the client you can press ctrl k to see the list of all the available shortcuts, as well as change them if you wish.

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