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1. DarkLordsSheWolf,

Hi all, sorry if it's unappropriate, was just wondering, does someone knows where can i download some guide for manamon2, i started to play it just today and i remember for manamon1 there was guide i think i have it still, is there something similar for the second one? I mean like guide trough the whole game.
thanks for any response.

2. Vojvoda ,

The guide was written by a normal player for manamon 1, so no. there was no time for that, and if someone decides to make it again it won't come out soon.
Anyways it's fun to explore alone :)

3. godfather,

haha yes. considerring how detaled that guide was, if the player decides to do that again, (jade it was i think) that'd actually be pritty ausumn. but i myself prefer to complete the game at least once and experience the magic once on my own before referring to any such things. besides, i dare say that would take time to be written anyways, considerring how thurrow it was and you know, the person writing it has to complete the game too, and not just complete, probably replay it a cupple times as well. who knows.

4. Vojvoda ,

Exactly, godfather

5. zymbabwex,

Exactly, godfather
Hello, the person won't make it now as i read the topic.

6. DarkLordsSheWolf,

Hi all, thanks for response ya, haha i stuck at the dead end, don't know to move. lol.

7. Vojvoda ,

If you need any help with the game you can message me and I will try to help if I can, you also can post your questions on the Audio games forum

8. godfather,

yeah same, and that'll be a good idea as well

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