how to play uno speedily with a bad internet connection

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1. Rory101,

hello everyone! this morning, i found a way to play uno fast with a bad internet connection (700 ing+)
here's how
when playing a card, press enter then quickly press up arrow or down arrow to the next card and press enter, and if you have a really bad connection you might even be able to get 3 in. this makes us australians and more global internet slow-coaches able to play uno even faster than people with super good connections if we did it right.
Please leave your tanks if the guide helps!

2. Vojvoda ,

I don't really get what do you mean lol isn't the point actually to quickly press up down arrows and enter on the cards you can play for everyone and not people with bad connection only

3. Lemonade,

Actions speak louder than words. If you can prove it, then sure.

4. Nikola,

No, it wont work like that. I understand what you mean. If you do this right, theoretically you can intercept a few cards in one turn without anybody having a chance to react, however this wont make you the winner. There's more than that, pressing c to see the top card will still be terribly slow, just like receiving of your opponent's moves.

5. Rory101,

I'm not saying it is a complete solution, but it is definitely a solution and I can indeed provide a demonstration of this in action.

6. helleon,

I play with a bad connection. One on one, something like that works. With 10 skilled Uno players, it most certainly doesn't

7. Rory101,

with 2 to 5 i find it's ok.

8. Animagus,

that is not full proof, of course when your connection lags and suddenly gains boost, then your cards which you played will be sent to server imediatly which makes it look like you played super fast. but can you really pinpoint the exact moment when your connection

9. Lemonade,

Usually that doesn't even work. It'll just repeatedly say you didn't choose the right card.

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