is there a way to turn off chat on a table??

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1. Rory101,

is there a way to turn off chat on a table? because sometimes it gets annoying people keep on chatting chatting chatting and are realy slow to play, and sometimes also I just want a quiet game for some reasons. so, is this possible?

2. Vojvoda ,

No there is no way

3. Rory101,

that'd be a good implementation for the next big update

4. Cristina ,

Hope it'll never be implemented because I like to chat while playing.
If you do not like, then play only with bots... smile!

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5. YNWA,

Mute your audio.

6. Nikola,

Mute your audio? Yeah, that will definitely solve the problem. I was also suggesting the ability for table masters to disable chats, but for now if you want to avoid hearing chats you have to mute the channel from reading and appearance options.

7. nynphadora_tonks,

It might be a good idea, because on the Spanish side the problems are very common but I don't know if the administration could implement the mute command, well, if for example i'm att this moment the master table, and i don't want that somebody talk in my table. as the helpers have it. :)

8. omidsalehi,

Sounds like a good idea, because some people waste others' time by pointless and endless chattering.

9. Rory101,


10. nynphadora_tonks,

It would be a great idea to have a good control of our table chat.

11. pilot-in.the-air,

Good idea

12. Aminiel,


Thank you for proposing this request. I'll look at it and check what's doable soon.

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