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1. sopralto,

Anyone that makes podcasts, I would like any and all tips you have relating to it, what software is good and accessible, what microphones to use, how to do it, anything. I am completely new to this and would appreciate absolutely any help anyone could offer. Thank you all.

2. Alan1003,

use vertual recorder.

3. sopralto,

Hey thanks. is this software or an app?

4. godfather,

its a software

5. Pran,


Software's not an app, just a... Software! D

6. el_emperador_emperadorizado,

podcasts? I often use gold wave to record and edit. I recomend it, it's a good software and very accessible.
I have a youtube channel, but it's in spanish, so I'm not going to share it here.
anyway if you need gold wave you must buy it, but if you want you can send me a private message and I can share the software with a licence. but not here xd.
and as a microphone I use wo mic, an android app to use your smartphone as a microphone connecting it to your pc. it's nice xd.

7. Giovani ,

I am using Audacity to record a podcasts and also, I use Podbean to host My podcasts, sometimes Sound cloud for hosting It also.

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