random topics, random feelings and random messages

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1. ElCamareroDesencamaronilizado ,

hey there!
this new topic is just to tipe whatever you want, however respecting the playroom's rules. just tipe your random feelings, random questions, random messages, random answers or whatever you want. i think that's a good idea for all people than just wanna tipe something, but don't know where they can wright that

2. Bhuvi,

hi, I'm Bhuvika Agrawal, a 10th grade student from India. Thats a random thing

3. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I don't know why this guy makes this kind of topics. Although for some it might be fun, but sooner or later it gets spammy just like the other 2 topics he made. With all my respect

4. godfather,

Here we go true/false of a different longer fassion, boays and gals. Although i'm not particularly against such things-may be good to cool off once-in-a-blue moon but its no longer once in a blue moon on this forum. That True/false topic, for instance, has lived way more than it should have yet even people who agree with me keep on posting there. Moderators can't shut it down fokes, for they are abiding to the rules and if they do everybody is going to jump on their throats on taking unnecessary actions, so if you want it to die down then-simple, let it, die down. Dont expect anything different from this one as well, honestly.

5. Nikola,

no it's not a good idea. This is a discussion forum. If you don't know where to type random things, create a free table.

6. Cristina ,

Many of those who just post on the forum because they don't have something else better to do, they should look in the dictionar for the meaning of the word "forum".

7. Alan1003,

here's something, why did i have to restart my computer 3 frickin times today cause my keyboard driver messed something up!

8. ethan714,

all righty. I usually don't like to get myself into stuff like this but I feel like I need to get my two cents in here so here goes....
i'm honestly not sure what the exact point of a forum topic like this is supposed to be. I mean sure the titled I guess tells what the topic creator wanted, but at the same time I really don't think that's needed on a public forum such as this one.
I may not have been here long, so I can't speak from being here a while for history, but I can't say in the time that I've been here I've seen a lot of topics that I could agree with being here on a public forum such as this one. But this one and another one that I won't name but you guys probably know already is one that I disagree with completely being here.
also you have to wonder to how could this turn away future incoming members. While I'm not sure and I obviously wouldn't speak for that, I know if I was new and I saw stuff like this I would be uneasy being around that.
So just my opinions and you can agree or disagree as you wish, but I just hope that those who see it can keep that in mind.

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9. cornflakes,

to be honest, I don't know why people get bothered. If they don't like the type of thread/topic it is, and its not breaking the rules, then just ignore it and move on with your life. I mean, that's just the way i see it. People that talk about freedom of speech and things like such turn around and hate on topics cause they have outstayed there welcome but if its to much, just don't press enter on it and you'll be ok.

10. YNWA,

"you are notbreaking the rules" I would say this topic is just spam! The true or false is nonsense and is also spam and should have been moved ages ago because people are not using it properly. If it was used properly then perhaps people could have found out some interesting things about each other. favourite Books they read, unusual hobbies etc.

11. Nikola,

Precisely as Ynwa says. @HermfyPermfy you are right that this can easily be skipped, and this is what I am doing with the true or false topic. But when it becomes two, it's only a matter of time before another useless one will be created. That's not what a forum is used for. Typically you would want to get some useful information or discuss an interesting topic, not use it like a chat.

12. la_serpiente ,

Day 297, week 43 of 2020, remaining days 68.

13. cornflakes,

2020 just sucked. glad its almost over

14. supanut2000,

For me 2020 was great for around first 2 months or so, but then the pandemic hits and things just went downhill from there. Hope a vaccine is available asap.

15. MuhammadHajjar,

So I have a random thing to say in mind which in any way doesn't come with any single rule violation, which is: I hope helpers or admins can close this another form of an expected messy topic, period.

16. ElCamareroDesencamaronilizado ,

hey there! i know that this post created a lot of discusions if it is against the rules, if it isn't... i just wanna say: In Yopal, the weather report is currently 22 degrees Celsius, cloudy.
The wind direction is from north northwest with speed of 5 kilometers per hour (1,4 meters per second).
The perceived temperature is 22 degrees.
The humidity is 86%, and the visibility is up to 16 kilometers.
The pressure is 28,5 millimeters of mercury, and the state of the barometric pressure is steady.
The sun rises at 05:35 am and sets at 05:32 pm.

17. StormProductions,

a locker with 554 added security is slightly in front and a fair distance off to the right, 7 feet away.

18. cornflakes,

hi clone. also, yay to the people posting about how much they hate this topic on the topic they hate cause they can't just have a life and skip passed it.

19. Alan1003,

hey storm, what game was that locker, you can pm me if that's fine.

20. la_serpiente ,

There is no text on the clipboard

21. The-Chaos,

warm warm. let it die.

22. Robertt,

it's dificult to build a friendship, but easy to destroy. how sad.

23. cornflakes,

your so right. Friends you think may be real are the eazzyest to stab you in the back at the first sign of popularity and inclusion

24. The-Chaos,

how easy is it to backstab and accuse people of doing stuff they haven't done, hm? the world is truely a treacherous place. just saying. beware of uncultured individuals.

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25. la_serpiente ,

I don't understand humanity, that's all

26. Sajad-Aliraqi,

This topic seems like the last words of death row inmates.
You are about to see an educational scen of electrical impact on human body. Alright warden: Let's get the party on.

27. cornflakes,

kinda like the uncultured people that just go by the words of a selfmade victum and ignore the true matter of things. deathrow indeed

28. The-Chaos,

how Hermfy of them. must be tortuous. they have my sympathies.

29. cornflakes,

lol. right?

30. Bhuvi,

dont fight pls!

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