playroom just for blind users?

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1. stefan_ilioaica,

Hi everyone,
I want to asq you if you know that the playroom is just for blind users or not, because some of my friends which are not blind or visualy impaired want to play.

2. darklord ,


Well, I think the playroom is for everyone.
The screen shows all the messages and stuff, so sighted people should be able to play.
My sister plays on it without a screen reader of any kind.
She just clicks on stuff with the mouse.
So yes, i'd say the playroom is for everyone, no matter if you are blind or sighted.

3. misternecomettin,

hi,my name neco i have windows7 users but im problem with playroom fatal error program application must be terminated problem do not run please help me
my e-mail

4. mayya,

delete the file config.ini in the folder of the playroom and it will work

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