First poker tournament.

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1. gouly ,

Hello everybody !

My name is Guillaume, I'm a player on the french part of the playroom. I post that topic to propose you a poker tournament !

That a thing still organised on the french part, it works verry well and in the opinion of some of you, it seems to be a intresting idea.

So the tournament will start next satarday, the 8th of september at 8 A.M, Paris time, with the two first rounds. The big and the little finale will take place the day after, the sunday, also 8 A.M for the begining of the little finale.

We can host 32 players in that tournament, so be fast, maybe their will not have enough ticket for everybody !

The basic rools are easy to understand. Their will have a draw organised by the tournament team, the results and the repartition of the tables will be published on friday 7tH evening.

For the first round, 8 tables of 4 players will be create. The two first of the game will be qualified for the next round. For the second round, 4 tables of 4 players will be create, the winner of each table will be directly qualified for the big finale. The second of each table of that second round will be qualified for the little finale.

In the end of the tournament, we will do a general ranking. The winner of the big finale will win 10 points, the second will win 5. The winner of the little finale will win 3 points, and the second will win 1. In the end of the year we will maybe offer a present to the winner of the ranking, I'm still thinking of it.

So if you are intrested by this tournament, please post a message on that topic to validate your registration. If you want you can also introduce yourself in your message, it would be nice.

I'm also looking for people who would like to join me to build a team. As you see my english is not perfect, and I need people to help me to organise all that stuff. So two or three people will be great. You can contact me at "" if you want to be a member of the organisation team. Don't worry, you can also enter in the tournament even if you are in the team.

Thank, and I hope this tournament will be glorious !

Bye bye

2. mayya,

hello gouly. no need to present myself we know each other well; I do not like poker, but will be much pleased to help you. do not hesitate to contact me at any time, am most of the time on the french playroom.
have fun!

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