Week 3, Uno league 2017-2018.

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1. MagicalKrrish,

Greetings all,

These are the match's of week 3.
Fawaz V Waternymph.
Fawaz V Angelina-Princess.
Fawaz V Ashraf.
MagicalKrrish V Claudiu.
MagicalKrrish V H-M-C-Z.
MagicalKrrish V Ashraf.
Yazan V Angelina-Princess.
Yazan v il_bell_ragazzo
Yazan V Marina7.
Vojvoda v Dalibor.
Vojvoda il_bell_ragazzo
Vojvoda V ashraf.
Waternymph V Everyone.
Waternymph V HMCZ.
Dalibor v Bastabasti.
Dalibor v Badgirl.
Angelina-princess v Badgirl.
Everyone V Badgirl.
Everyone V Keywasful.
Guliwer V Cristina.
Guliwer V Me-me.
Guliwer V Keywasful.
Bastabasti V Me-Me.
Bastabasti V Trixabella666.
Claudiu V Policeman1.
Claudiu V Adventure-Time.
Cristina V me-Me.
il_bell_ragazzo V Flavyanu.
il_bell_ragazzo V Policeman1.
il_bell_ragazzo V Midomidomido.
Badgirl v Me-me
Keywasful v Trixabella666.
Trixabella666 V Midomidomido.
Flavyanu V Policeman1.
Policeman1 V Midomido.
Flavyanu V EcstasyGirl.
EsctasyGirl V H-M-C-Z.
Esctasygirl V adventure-time.
Cristina V Adventure-time.

If any queeries or question then feel free to contact me.

Enjoy and all the best.

Uno league team.

2. policeman1,

Am ready to go undefeated for this week!,

3. MagicalKrrish,

Hey guys,

I overlooked Marina7's match's for this week. Therefore, her other 2 match's for this week is MagicalKrrish V marina7 and Everyone V marina7.

Sorry and thankyou.

4. StormProductions,

Can I join or it's too late?

5. Everyone,

Too late!

6. Basti,

I'm the best

7. Muhammad_Hajjar,

If too late, then storm productions has taken 3 penalty points, right? Ah, laugh out loud? Yeah, indeed laugh out loud. You what do ya think?

8. StormProductions,

Nah. I don't play with interceptions as I'm a beginner.

9. Nikola,

Clearly shows you totally read the rules of tournaments you are joining. Combined with the fact you forgot about the previous tournament you joined, I do wish you good luck with the tournaments you join.

10. Mistressbella666,

Can't wait till week 4!

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