Week 6, Uno League 2017-2018.

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1. MagicalKrrish,

Greetings Friends,

These are the match's of week 6:

Fawaz v Nikola.
Fawaz v Badgirl.
Fawaz V Marina7
Fawaz V Midomidomido.
MagicalKrrish V Dalibor.
MagicalKrrish v il_bell_ragazzo
MagicalKrrish V Badgirl.
Yazan V Policeman1.
Yazan V Midomidomido.
Yazan V Adventure-time.
Nikola V everyone.
Nikola V Policeman1
Nikola V Midomidomido.
Waternymph V Marina7.
Waternymph V Flavyanu.
Waternymph V estasygirl.
Dalibor V Flavyanu.
Dalibor V Estasygirl.
Dalibor V ashraf.
Angelina-princess V Mayank
Angelina-princess V Guliwer.
Angelina-princess V keywasful.
Everyone V Mayank.
Everyone V Trixabella666.
Guliwer V trixabella666.
Guliwer V Mayank.
Bastibasti V Cristina.
Bastibasti V Flavyanu.
Bastibasti V Ecstasygirl.
Cristina V Keywasful.
Cristina V ashraf.
il_bell_ragazzo v Keywasful.
il_bell_ragazzo V Me-me.
Me-me V Marina7.
Me-me v Ashraf.
Nikola V adventure-time.
Dalibor V trixabella666.
il_bell_ragazzo V Adventure-time.
Keywasful V Adventure-time.

Week off for claudiu.

If any queeries or questions please feel free to refer it to me.

Kind regards,


Good luck.

2. BellaCat6666,

Ah. The time has finally come for me to play against dalibor. I am scared so very much LOL

3. Nikola,

I destroyed him yesterday, you will too now and then he will need to learn to play uno again LOL.

4. Badgirl,

I have only two matches, may be because two time I play with organizators :D Is it ok?

5. MagicalKrrish,

Its fine, Bg, play 2 for this week and you will get 4 for the following week.

good luck.

6. BellaCat6666,

Sadly i did not destroy dalibohr lol

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