Week5, Uno League results!

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1. Fawaz,

Hey everyone,
A quick note, please try to finish your matches before Saturday, the problem even if you managed to show up on saturday, your apponent might has been there but just left before you, or came after your leave by minutes, in these cases even deciding the point goes to who is hard, as well, some players stays all evening in Playroom, but when the other player shows up, he goes absent for whatever reason, so not fare giving point to any of them, and giving more time to finish the matches, sometimes yes we can do that, but always doing the same mistake messes up our plans.
and another thing: please try to mention both Fawaz and Magicalkrrish when inboxing the results.
now lets move to results:
adventure-time, 14, (15 matches)
everyone, 14, (16 matches)
guliwer, 12, (17 matches)
marina7, 12, (17 matches)
yazan, 11, (15 matches)
bastibasti, 11, (17 matches)
magicalkrrish, 10, (16 matches)
mayank, 9, (14 matches)
nikola, 9, (15 matches)
dalibor, 9, (15 matches)
midomidomido, 8, (15 matches)
extecyGirl, 8, (16 matches)
flavyanu, 8, (17 matches)
il_bell_ragazzo, 7, (15 matches)
keywasful, 7, (14 matches)
ashraf, 7, (15 matches)
claudiu, 6, (13 matches)
policeman1, 6, (16 matches)
fawaz, 5, (13 matches)
angelina-princess, 5, (15 matches)
trixabella6666, 5, (16 matches)
waternymph, 3, (16 matches)
me-me, 3, (17 matches)
badgirl, 2, (15 matches)
cristina, 2, (18 matches)

2. MagicalKrrish,

on the other hand, I've been receiving complains that some players gives excuses while they are online apon being asked to play. , if you are busy then please try to finish it by Saturday and don't try to ask time to carry it forth for the following unless you have januine reasons.

I hope that makes it clear, before players were very serious towards this and now they getting bit relaxed.

This won't be tollerated.

Kind regards,


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