week 12, Uno league 2017-2018

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1. MagicalKrrish,

Greetings all,

These are match's of week 12:

Fawaz V Policeman1
Fawaz V Adventure-time.
Fawaz V Flavyanu.
MagicalKrrish V Me-me.
MagicalKrrish V keywasful.
MagicalKrrish V Policeman1.
Yazan V waternymph.
Yazan V Dalibor.
Yazan V guliwer.
Nikola V Cristina.
Nikola V Marina7.
Nikola V Flavyanu.
Waternymph V il_bell_ragazzo
Waternymph V Adventure-time.
Dalibor V il_bell_ragazzo
Dalibor V claudiu.
Dalibor V Keywasful.
Angelina-Princess V Flavyanu.
Angelina-Princess V Midomidomido.
Everyone V Guliwer.
Everyone V il_bell_ragazzo
Everyone V me-me.
Guliwer V Bastibasti
Guliwer v Marina7.
Bastibasti V Adventure-time.
Bastibasti V midomidomido.
Claudiu V Cristina.
Claudiu V Marina7.
Cristina V Flavyanu.
Cristina V ecxtasygirl.
BadGirl V Trixabella666.
Badgirl V Flavyanu.
Badgirl V EcstasyGirl.
Me-me V ecstasyGirl.
Trixabella666 V Adventure-time
Cristina V Policeman1.
Marina7 V Policeman1.
Waternymph V Keywasful
Midomido v Dalibor.
Marina7 V yazan.

If any queeries then feel free to contact me.

Kind regards,


Latest edition by MagicalKrrish, Jan 15 2018 08:56:10

2. BellaCat6666,

.Who wil I play against since ashraff got dq'd?

Latest edition by BellaCat6666, Jan 15 2018 09:39:13

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