Final results, Uno League, 2017-2018.

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1. MagicalKrrish,

A very warm greetings all!

Finally we have concluded the season 2, 2017-2018, uno league. We had about 15 weeks of league which was played week in and week out. A huge thanks goes to the participants, without whom this league wouldn't have been completed. Thankyou all for your time and your efford in putting such a competition. We had some problems which we enccounted during the league match's but we tried to solve them as we went along. A special thanks goes to my co-organiser, Fawaz who stuck with me through this league and his times and his efford in managing the points table.

So for the first time Everyone has won the league, yeah you herd it right, everyone, not everyone as a whole but Player Everyone who came in the last week to past the leaders and stole the title from them. So a huge congratulations goes to Player everyone for becoming champion of 2017-2018 Uno league!. Marina7 and mayank was tied up 2nd, so special congrats goes to them also. They put up a good show during this league. Other final rankings are below in alphabetical order.

Final Standings:

  1. Everyone- 39 points.
  2. Marina7- 36 points.
  3. Mayank- 36 points.
  4. Yazan- 35 points.
  5. Adventure-time- 34 points.
  6. Fawaz- 33 points.
  7. Nikola- 33 Points.
  8. Midomidomido- 29 points.
  9. Bastibasti- 28 points.
  10. Dalibor- 25 points.
  11. MagicalKrrish- 24 points.
  12. Guliwer- 23 points.
  13. Keywasfull- 23 points.
  14. Angelina-princess- 20 points
  15. Claudiu- 20 points.
  16. Me-me- 18 points.
  17. Estasygirl- 16 points.
  18. Policeman1- 15 points.
  19. Trixabella666- 16 points.
  20. Waternymph- 14 points.
  21. Flavyanu- 13 points.
  22. Badgirl- 12 points.
  23. Cristina 10 points.
  24. Ill-bello-rigazo- 10 points.

So once again, huge thanks to all and huge congratulations to Player everyone for being the winner!

Until next time this is Krrish saying cheeryos.

Graphic thumbs Up.

2017-2018 Uno league team.

MagicalKrrish and Fawaz.

2. Fawaz,

Hey everyone! and everyone!
man congratulations great comeback, you did great job in last week winning all matches.
marina and Mayank were unlucky with last week.
I messed up in first face, did fine in second.
thanks to you guys especially to those who played and send the results no complains or excuses, great job all.
We tried our best to be most flexible as possible but wasn't so easy because of the points table especially, and rules been announced earlier clearly.
thanks again to all the participants and congratulations again everyone! as well to the tops.
best wishes.

3. sir-yazan,

good organisers and good league i enjoyed ... and congrats argi in the first and mayank and marina

4. policeman1,

Thank you the uno league organization to make very possible and successfully acomplishing the long season.! Also Big congrats to everyone for winning the uno league!.

5. Angelina-princess,

Congratulations to everyone (not everybody)! :)
Well done organisers! It was an enjoyable league!
Although I didn't think it'd already finished but it finished quickly. :)
Thank you for nice organizing! Hope to catch next leagues in the near future. And finally, well done to all - the real uno players. :)

6. Cristina,

Many congratulations to everybody, champion, organizers and participants.
Thank you for this great league, I've enjoyed a lot, even if I am not a good uno player.
Well done everybody!
Hope to be organized league of other games too, because it is really fun to have such competitions on here.

7. the-raven,

congratulations with the win!

8. Mayank ,

Well done, everyone. And great job organising over the months guys.

9. Nikola,

Hi all and congrats to Everyone. I want to point out a mistake in the table. How is bella at 19th place with 16 points and policeman is 18th with 15? Should be the other way round.

10. keyWasFull,

congratulations Everyone! well deserved win!

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