accesible chess

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1. capa-negra ,

Hello all, I am a chess player, but until now the only accesible chess that I know is Winboard. It is a good board, how ever, I would like to find another one do you know about it?

2. Nikola,

It depends on your chess skills. If you do not need advanced chess AI, check out bg chess challenge which is made specifically for blind players and uses sapi. You can find the game at

3. riad,

Hey, did you forget about here as well? ????

4. Nikola,

He mentioned in the other topic he plays on here too but you cannot play here with bots so he might just have asked for an offline game.

5. riad,

Ah OK I haven't seen the other topic but oh well.

6. bogdanmuresan,

Hello. I also like playing chess so if you want to play with the computer, you can try K chess elite. You can set the level from beginner to expert so you can train your skills.

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