Uno World Cup 2018! Hype Up for FIFA world cup.

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1. MagicalKrrish,

Greetings all,

As it is mentioned on the subject, Uno world cup’s registration is now open. The deadline is on the June 7th 2018. This tournament will be played on the June 9th and 10th, Saturday and Sunday respectively. Saturday will be group stages and then finals on Sunday.

Timings are as follows:
11:00am western, 1:00Pm central, 2:00pm eastern, 7:00pm UK 8:00pm Egypt, albania and some other European countries, 9:00pm turkey and middle east and, 11:30pm in India. 5:00Am In Fiji and other pacific Island Countries. 2:00Am In japan.

The rules will be same as other previous tournaments which I have organized before, 2 and 4 responses, Skipping is not allowed after drawing, Straights, Interceptions, Super Interceptions, Bluffs and time limit of 5 seconds.
The scores limit will be fixed to 357 in group round and it will increase by 50 in every next level.

As all other tournament, Fawaz will be helping me out So feel free to drop your names in the inbox or just reply to this post.

This is to Hype up the Football world cup which will begin on 14th of June. So when you register, also mention which team you support in the world cup.

With Best Regards,

Krrish and Fawaz.

Latest edition by MagicalKrrish, May 31 2018 06:33:36

2. midomidomido,

ok first subscreption for me :-) in fifa world cup i support egypt argantina and france.. thanks

3. musiclover,

i suport chelsy fc

4. policeman1,

Am ready to shake all with lio Messie moves! Please put me down! with Argentina!!!.

5. ilhan,

i m ready to challenge all in the uno world cup and supporting Belgium!

6. trouble-h ,

hello, count me, i am supporting egypt and argentina
wish you the best

Latest edition by trouble-h , May 31 2018 01:12:04

7. mogosog,

Count me in. Of course I'm supporting Costa Rica!

8. Kotoamatsukami,


9. dalibor,

Subscribe me and of course i support SERBIAAAAA

10. V28114,


11. MagicalKrrish,

Keep on rolling your names in! and inform this to your friends.

Go Balgium, Go Spain.

12. RadioPierpaolo,

Count me in! I support #Serbia!

13. Basti,

Serbia here.

14. Everyone,

Damn, I have showdown championships on the 9th so I can't participate! People should support me instead.

15. Mistressbella666,

Good luck to all the players and go USA!

16. fire-starter,

good luck to all the players, supporting argy :d

17. can-96,

Wow, I wanna join too. #SupportingCostaRica!

18. Cristina,

Hello all!
Count in please a romanian player, Nagato is his name.
He is supporting Argentina.
Thank you and good luck everybody!

Latest edition by Cristina, Jun 1 2018 11:26:45

19. mhr91358,

wait 8 pm will be difficult for me , i will be eating break fast

20. Kotoamatsukami,

I think I will be cutting my nails, quite difficult to play at that time.

21. Dayan,

I'll be playing something else at that time. Sorry.

22. MagicalKrrish,

Nobody wants to know what the hack will you be doing on that time, if you interested then only reply here.

Don't put rubbish here.

23. Dayan,

Politeness before all else.

24. Kotoamatsukami,

Hacks are not allowed on Playroom

25. agelmar,

I am in, supporting Costa Rica

26. Guido,

helloo guido the argentina

27. Mayank ,

I'm in. Iceland

28. Cristina,

Count me in as spectator. "D
I continue to support Germany.

29. YNWA,

Mayank Iceland? Don't do a Carious and freeze on the day!

30. Mayank ,

That's what, I'm likely to

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